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My Oklahoma Adoption Story

By Noah Abrams

For any birth mother seriously considering putting a child up for adoption, it can be a challenging ordeal. There are obstacles that the birth mother has to overcome physically, financially, and emotionally when faced with an unplanned pregnancy. You do not have to fight this battle alone, as there are many great resources for parents considering adoption. Specifically for me, I was able to find an ally in Adoption Choices of Oklahoma!

If you are like me, navigating through the mixed emotions of an unplanned pregnancy could lead you to choose adoption. This blog will detail my journey as a birth mother. I will explain the highs and lows, as well as the personal growth that followed.

If you are considering placing your baby through adoption, Adoption Choices of Oklahoma can be a great resource! As one of the premier adoption agencies in Oklahoma, counselors are available 24/7 to support you as needed. They will discuss your options and the authority you have in the process, answer any questions, and provide great resources.

The Unexpected: Unplanned Pregnancy for Birth Mothers

They always say to expect the unexpected. In this case, my child was definitely unexpected. The pregnancy I experienced was unplanned. I was faced with emotions of uncertainty. I was unsure of what I wanted to do. Do I want to parent my baby? If not, what are my options? These are just two of the questions that I asked myself at the beginning of this journey. I began self-reflecting, trying to figure out the best course of action for my baby and myself.

The decision to choose life through adoption was a difficult one. I did in-depth research to discover what the process entailed. Through this research, I was able to explore adoption agencies available to me and understand my rights. Each ounce of progress you make in the journey comes with a bitter-sweet feeling. Feelings of anxiety and hope fill your body, but a good life for your child will push you through.

Adoption Agencies and Their Impact on Birth Mothers

For the birth parent and child, adoption can be a traumatic experience. When considering adoption for your baby, it is important to know how beneficial adoption agencies can be throughout this journey. They act as a liaison between you and the adoptive family, facilitating the selection process. They will consider the needs of each respective party to ensure both are happy with the decision. Any preferences, such as race, moral or parental values, and lifestyle, are all potential determinants.

In my experience, I was looking for Tulsa adoption agencies or Oklahoma City adoption agencies and was able to discover Adoption Choices! They were extremely helpful in my journey, and I think they could be the same for you. They provided me with all of the information I needed to make the right decision for my child. They offered multiple benefits to me, emotionally and financially, from start to end. 

They also helped to build a solid foundation and relationship between the adoptive family and me. Meeting in person enabled us to bond over the common goal of giving the best life to my child. This was a very crucial moment for me. I had to let my guard down, which showed me I was making the best choice for my child. This also created an open line of communication between us, setting the stage for a continued relationship.

Emotional Challenges Faced by Birth Mothers During the Adoption Process

As expressed previously, there are many obstacles a birth mother will face throughout the adoption process. The biggest challenge for me was emotionally. The thought of giving a baby up for adoption may be the most emotionally draining. Most, if not all, birth mothers may have this thought cross their mind. Though you may feel you have given up by doing so, you didn’t! This is one of the most selfless and caring decisions you can make, especially as a parent. This allows the child to grow up with an adoptive family that can give them the care and love they need. 

You may also feel uncertain about the future and unsure if you are making the best decision. Fortunately for me, Adoption Choices and their great team guided me throughout the entirety of the adoption process, from offering me multiple emotional and financial resources to being a shoulder to cry on. Additionally, they walked me through my options as the birth parent and helped me create an adoption plan. They prepared me for the unexpected, and I am forever grateful for that.

Navigating the Birth and Emotions Post-Adoption

The birth will be a bittersweet moment for the birth mother. You will be excited to bring new life into the world, but sadness may creep in as well. For me, the support of the adoptive family helped me through the negative emotions I felt. I was grateful for their presence during the birth and it only made our bond stronger. Our bond grew through our shared devotion to the child’s well-being.

After the birth and adoption process has ended, it is typical to feel a sense of relief but also grief. These mixed emotions are normal. You will grapple with the sense of making the right choice and having a sense of loss. It is important to seek emotional support at this time. Support groups, therapy, or family can be vehicles you need to help you get the closure and healing needed.

Reflecting on My Adoption Process

Looking back on my adoption journey, I found courage, resilience, and strength that I never knew I had. It also gave me a sense of empowerment, being able to embrace and overcome such a complex decision. I grew individually and was at peace. I knew I did my job as a birth mother, ensuring a great future for my child.

I am living proof that adoption is a selfless decision made with love. It allows you to build and maintain long-lasting connections with individuals you wouldn’t have otherwise. While there were challenges throughout the process, the rewards significantly outweighed them.

If you want to secure a bright future for your child, adoption should be carefully considered. Specifically, Adoption Choices of Oklahoma can be of assistance. With Tulsa and Oklahoma City locations, they can meet you where you are to ensure a smooth transition. They will provide you with all the necessary tools and resources needed for you throughout the process. If you are a prospective birth, don’t hesitate to reach out to them and visit their site!

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