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Myths about Gestational Surrogacy in Oklahoma

Intended parents and potential surrogates alike search the internet for information on gestational surrogacy. How the process works, what to expect, the requirements, etc. During their research, they may come across information that is education and beneficial. Sometimes, however, they’ll find information that is misleading. Here are some myths about gestational surrogacy.

Myth One: The Surrogate is the Baby’s Biological Mother

Some mistakenly believe that the gestational surrogate is the baby’s biological mother. However, the relation between the surrogate and the child depends on the type of surrogacy she is involved in.

During traditional surrogacy, which isn’t widely available, the surrogate uses her own egg for the conception process. During gestational surrogacy, eggs are retrieved from the intended mother; if the intended mother can’t provide eggs, she may use a donor’s eggs. Because the surrogate’s egg (or the gestational carrier’s egg) isn’t used during gestational surrogacy, she is not related to the child.

Myth Two: Gestational Surrogacy is Used for Convenience

Some are under the impression that intended parents use gestational surrogacy for convenience. Some believe that women use gestational surrogacy to avoid pregnancy and childbirth. This is both incorrect and extremely insulting. The vast majority of women pursuing gestational surrogacy suffer from infertility. They may have suffered from several miscarriages because their reproductive systems can’t support a developing child. They may be unable to conceive at all. For these women, gestational surrogacy is the only way they can have children they are biologically related to.

Gestational surrogacy is not a quick and easy process for the intended parents. Even though the intended mother isn’t carrying and delivering the baby herself, she and her partner or spouse still have to go through a series of steps. Like the gestational surrogate, the intended parents have to undergo a psychological evaluation. The intended mother also needs to undergo surgery to retrieve her eggs for the in vitro fertilization (IVF) process. That being said, it would be ridiculous to assume that gestational surrogacy is done for convenience.

Myth Three: Surrogates do it for the Money

Some believe that women become surrogates for the money; they assume that these women are trying to profit off of other people’s misfortune. This isn’t true. The women who volunteer their time to become gestational surrogates do it because they genuinely want to help those who are less fortunate than them. Sometimes the intended parents ask close friends or family members to be their surrogate. Some women become surrogates for free through altruistic surrogacy, so it would be wrong to assume that money is the only motivation.

Myth Four: Intended Parents won’t be Able to Bond with the Baby

Some intended mothers fear that – because they’re not carrying the child(ren) themselves – they won’t be able to develop a strong bond with the child(dren). They fear that they won’t be able to love the child(ren) the same way. This isn’t true. Fathers can’t carry nor give birth to children, but that doesn’t mean they’re not capable of loving their own children. Fathers can still bond with their children. The same can be said about intended mothers. Intended mothers can still bond with their babies during and after the surrogacy.

The intended parents can find other ways to participate in the pregnancy. For example, they can attend their surrogate’s ultrasound appointments, and they can be in the room when the surrogate gives birth.

We’re Here to Provide Surrogacy Facts

It’s impossible to avoid the myths about gestational surrogacy when researching on the internet. Fortunately, Adoption Choices of Oklahoma is here to provide the facts and help you through the surrogacy process. We hope this blog helped you understand gestational surrogacy better. If you have any questions about gestational surrogacy, feel free to contact us.

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