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Navigating Adoption When the Father is Unknown

By Chloe Taylor

Navigating the adoption process when the father is unknown, unsupportive, or uninterested can be extremely difficult. It is already hard enough going through the adoption process in itself and you may have many worries and fears about giving your baby up for adoption. But you are not alone. There are many adoption agencies in Oklahoma, such as Adoption Choices of Oklahoma, that are prepared and ready to offer you support through not only the decision process but also post-adoption. 

Unplanned Pregnancy and How to Find Support

An unplanned pregnancy can throw you in a loop and make you uncertain. If you are considering adoption, Adoption Choices of Oklahoma, a non-profit licensed and professional adoption agency is here to help. We can share resources including unplanned pregnancy help. There can be many complications that come with unplanned pregnancy. The option of adoption offers the opportunity to take the pressure and the responsibility of caring for your child off your shoulders. Depending on the type of adoption you choose, you can still have contact with your child. You would no longer have the full responsibility for their well-being. Placing your baby up for adoption can create a positive impact on your child’s life. 

Adoption Process 

With Adoption Choices of Oklahoma, you will have an adoption specialist to help you through every step of the way. They will keep you informed and prepared through each decision as they share the types of adoptions and adoptive family profiles and continually support you post-placement. It is also important to find an attorney to assist you with the legal process. Once you sign consent for putting your child up for adoption, you are terminating your parental rights. However, you will be able to choose whether you want open, closed, or semi-open adoption communication types. It is important to focus on what is best for you and your child in this time.

Adoption Choices of Oklahoma can potentially offer financial assistance for you during pregnancy and post-adoption. With court approval, they can help cover living and grocery expenses.

The Process and Challenges When the Father is Unknown or Unsupportive

With an unknown father, you can continue the adoption process without his consent in most cases in Oklahoma. There is a putative father registry for the adoption process in Oklahoma that allows the birth father to fill it out and either claim his birth father’s rights, take part in the adoption process, or choose to not fill out. If he chooses to not fill out the putative rights, then you as the birth mother can make the decision of adoption without his consent. In order to complete the adoption process in Oklahoma, you will have an attorney with you. When the father is unsupportive of the adoption and wants to claim his parental rights, he must prove he has the financial ability to support and care for the custody of the child. 

A pregnancy can increasingly become overwhelming when the father is unknown or uninterested. You may feel like you are alone and have no idea what to do. There may be financial struggles. Adoption is a choice that can be very challenging and takes a lot of courage and selfless love.  

Overcoming those Challenges in Adoption 

Adoption Choices of Oklahoma offers continued support through counseling services and support groups. Using these counseling services can help you work through what you are feeling and learn how to best cope and heal. Support groups offer opportunities to make deep connections with other birth mothers going through similar experiences. However, it is also vital to keep in touch with friends and family throughout this process. While they may not understand to a certain extent your situation, having those connections where you can rely and be vulnerable will help you through these rough times. 

Take some time for yourself as well to process your emotions and feelings. Give yourself a chance to breathe – journal your thoughts and work through them. 

Reach Out to Our Adoption Agency Today

Do not let yourself be alone. Sometimes all it takes is one step forward by reaching out. Let your close friends or family know how you are doing. Let them offer you support. Connect with adoption agencies in Oklahoma, like Adoption Choices of Oklahoma, and utilize all of the useful resources we have to offer. Reach out to an adoption attorney to keep informed about the legal process and figure out how best to navigate the father, who is unknown. 

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