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This is a real testimonial provided to us by an adoptive family. Adoption Choices of Oklahoma is dedicated to our families – adoptive parents and birth parents. Our goal is to provide you SAFE, HONEST, PROFESSIONAL, LEGAL support through the adoption process. A huge thank you for the kind words and sharing your experience!

“I wanted to take a minute to talk about the wonderful people at Adoption Choices of Oklahoma.

We were referred to Adoption Choices of Oklahoma through our original agency (agency name removed), for a match with a birth mother in OK. There we mainly worked with Kirsten and she was amazing to work with. Kirsten did not sugar coat things, and was always honest with us, even if it was not good news.  I cannot say enough of how much my husband and I appreciated that. Ultimately our first adoption failed. Kirsten had talked with us and let us know about red flags she had, her and Natalie spoke with the birth mom and gave us their honest opinions and when the adoption did fail, while we were hurt we were not blind sided. Kirsten sat on the phone with me while I cried and helped me cope with that before I had to call my husband, as I was on shift when this took place. I could truly feel Kirsten hugging me through the phone and felt her genuine pain that she had to break our hearts.

After that, Kirsten got us set up to be on a drop in status and then also got us set up to market us through their network and what they did for us was top notch. We were set up with a professional videographer that made our clumsy video look amazing, we had regular profiles, video profiles, they were truly doing everything they could to help our dream of adoption come true. What amazed us was that our original agency didn’t do half of the stuff Adoption Choices of OK did for us.

As time went on I would check in with Kirsten on a weekly basis. She was so amazing and supportive through all of our process, this was so refreshing and reassuring to us, we felt that we actually had someone in our corner fighting to help our dream come true. With our previous adoption agency (agency name removed), this was never the case, our coordinators were constantly changing and we could never get in touch with them and when we did, it was some sugar coated canned response that would usually just drive me nuts.

After we lost our second adoption, we were devastated. We were so lost and didn’t know if we would continue. Initially we had told our previous adoption agency (agency name removed) since that was the agency that placed us with the birth mother. They again gave a canned email, never called and barely checked in. We didn’t know that we wanted to continue with our process since we had been going on two years and two failed adoptions. I then just had a feeling so I reached out to Kirsten. She jumped on getting us reactivated and starting the search for us again. As we sat with our grief for a bit we had decided that maybe we would stop our search and be content with our family of three. The morning I was going to contact Kirsten, she reached out about a possible drop in situation. So, I paused and we sort of waited, expecting that we would not hear anything and we would reach out again in a week or so and cancel our search.

After two days, we got a call from Christine with news of a baby boy that was just born. She explained all of the surrounding circumstances and asked if we would like to be presented to the birth mother. I told her we would and she said she would be in contact with us after she met with the birth mother, if the birth mother had chosen us, she added that we would need to be in OK by the next morning if we were chosen, I reassured her that we would find a way if we were chosen. A few hours later, Christine called to tell us we had been chosen and that we had a son. I couldn’t believe it! Again, I was at work but as promised we made sure we were there to meet our son 10hrs later.

Christine was amazing, once we got there she sat with us and explained what the process would look like for us and the birth mom.  She was so caring. Then we got to meet Natalie and she was just as amazing. Both women helped us and the birth mother to navigate meeting and the next steps and made sure the birth mom was set up and supported through her time of grief and we were set up to get everything completed to take our son home to Colorado.

Our process took a few turns even once we had our son, we had some unexpected turns with making sure all of our fees were paid since OK did not have a Wells Fargo Bank in the state. Natalie was on point. She had one of their interns to take me and my son to our Dr. Appt. We had to go to so my husband to drive to KS so we could get fees paid to keep the paperwork moving on our end. When we had more delays with the court and had to change hotel rooms, Christine opened up her home to us and made a wonderful home cooked meal and we visited with her family like we were old friends, which was just so special to us. When the birth father initially refused to sign paperwork, they worked with the birth mother to talk with the birth father and when the birth father was being transferred to a different place two hours away, Natalie got in her car and drove those two hours to get the paperwork signed, then called us and told us it was done.

Robin, in the office was working diligently throughout our process, either sending us potential birth mother situations and filing all of our paperwork and following up to make sure everything got completed. And again, she was so helpful and kind during all of our process. And once all of our paperwork was completed and we were able to go everyone there was so happy and so supportive.

I cannot say enough about the amazing women at Adoption Choices of Oklahoma. Every single person there worked together seamlessly. Every single person we worked with was kind, compassionate, and constantly went above and beyond to help us realize our dream of adoption. Words truly cannot express how grateful we truly are. I truly believe that these women are our angels and will forever be a part of our family.”

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