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Placing My Baby for Transracial Adoption in Oklahoma: Should I Choose a White Family for My Baby? 

By Rockebah Charles-Stewart

Oklahoma’s diversity comes with its own set of challenges, like dealing with personal biases and societal expectations. If you are facing an unexpected pregnancy, this could become an even greater worry. When thinking about Oklahoma City adoption, one challenge you might encounter is finding a culturally preserved home for your child. But we are here to help. Adoption Choices of Oklahoma helps hundreds of birth mothers navigate unplanned pregnancies. As adoption professionals, our adoption center guides others just like you in creating an adoption plan for child adoptions. Our adoption agency in Tulsa can help you through this difficult time.

Understanding Transracial Adoption

The term transracial adoption is used to describe when a family of a different race and culture adopts a child. Common transracial adoptions involve white parents and African American or Native American children. Most foreign child adoptions involving children from Asia, Africa, or India are transracial. Also, in private adoptions, birth parents sometimes choose adoptive parents of a different race for their child.

Qualities A Birth Mother Might Want to Consider When Choosing an Adoptive Family

If you are a birth mother, consider these qualities when choosing adoptive parents.

  • Religious Preferences of Adoptive Family: If you want your child raised with your beliefs, you can find an adoptive family who shares those values. You can also express your neutrality and give your child the freedom to form their thoughts on the subject. 
  • Sexual Orientation of Adoptive Family: Parents come in various forms, including single and LGBTQIA+. Whether you prefer a traditional or a more progressive family for your child, Adoption Choices of Oklahoma is here to help.
  • Location: The location of your child’s adoptive parents may be an important aspect especially in an open adoption. Whatever the reason, you have the freedom to decide what environment your child would be raised in.
  • Ethnicity: Be comforted knowing that it is becoming more common to find mixed heritage families in the United States. If you prefer to match your child with parents of the same ethnicity, that is also acceptable. We understand each woman has her unique vision of a perfect family and Adoption Choices of Oklahoma is here to assist you. 
  • Financial Stability: Since you are seeking a better life for your child, consider the adoptive family’s financial stability. Take into account their professions or if one parent stays at home. Being aware of the family’s financial situation can provide reassurance when deciding to give your baby up for adoption.

As a birth mother, you may also way to consider:

  • Adoptive Parents’ ages
  • Length of marriage of adoptive parents
  • Existence of other children in the home
  • Personality of adopted parents or their other children

Benefits of Transracial Adoption for Your Child

There are several benefits to a transracial adoption for your baby. Here are some to consider:

  • Cultural experience: A multi-race adoptive family can create a culturally rich experience for your child by embracing diversity and exploring different cultures. These families can play a role in fostering a positive identity and promoting racial awareness. They support a diverse home environment by incorporating racially diverse books, movies, artwork, and music that reflect the child’s race.
  • Social networking: In a transracial adoptive family, your child can expand their social circle. They may be able to connect with people they would have never encountered in a family of the same race. Friendships and professional relationships of the adoptive families can make these connections possible.
  • Demolishing societal prejudices: When a child is adopted into a transracial family, they have the chance to break down societal prejudices. Your child can serve as a living example that families go beyond racial distinctions.

How to Begin the Matching Process for Adoption

You can select the adoptive parents for your child with Adoption Choices of Oklahoma. Nevertheless, our role is to help and advise you throughout the adoption process.

Begin by outlining the key factors that matter to you in a potential adoptive family. Then, Adoption Choices of Oklahoma will present you with profiles of adoptive parents who match your criteria. There are many families patiently awaiting adoption through our adoption agencies in Oklahoma. You have the choice to meet the family, if you’d like. Your involvement can offer reassuring comfort regarding your child’s lifestyle and future.

Our Oklahoma Adoption Team is Here for You

Adoption Choices of Oklahoma understands deciding to place your child for adoption in a transracial environment must be difficult. When you choose us as your Tulsa adoption agency, you won’t have to decide blindly. We aim to help and guide you in creating a culturally approved environment for your child.


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