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Pregnancy Tips for Birth Mothers Choosing Adoption

By: Moki Murillo

Pregnancy can be a miraculous thing, but an unplanned pregnancy warrants further thought. If you are unable or unwilling to meet this responsibility, then adoption could be your child’s best option. Putting a child up for adoption may seem to be an extreme solution, but it is not without merits. You may be unable to raise your child in a happy and stable environment, but another family could. While it will be painful to part with your child, you are also securing their future. Adoption, at the end of the day, is an act of love, not neglect. The adoption process, however, is often not that simple.

Pregnancy, by itself, is already a challenge for all expecting mothers. Birth mothers choosing adoption tend to be more vulnerable to certain mental health concerns. As such, it is paramount that you practice self-care during this lengthy process. Thankfully, we at Adoption Choices of Oklahoma are prepared to support our birth mothers during this time.

Taking Advantage of Our Adoption Resources

Adoption Choices of Oklahoma has both Tulsa adoption agencies and Oklahoma City adoption agencies. However, our adoption services are available throughout the state. To access them, you must first call our adoption agency through the number on our website. While child adoption is our specialty, our representative on the other line will walk you through all your options. If you still want a child adoption, you will be connected to one of our adoption specialists. 

Your adoption specialist will help you create an adoption plan, which shapes your adoption process. As the birth mother, you get to customize your adoption plan according to your needs and desires. For example, through your adoption plan, you can choose the adoption type, which determines the openness of the adoption. A closed adoption means that there will be no contact between you and your child’s adoptive family. An open adoption, on the other hand, permits contact with the adoptive family. You can even visit your child, but any contact will be dictated by the adoptive parents. A semi-open adoption, however, while prohibiting contact with your child, does permit communication with the adoptive parents. If you choose an open or semi-open adoption, you can even choose your child’s adoptive family.

Your adoption plan also allows you access to our various resources and services. While all our services are free to all birth mothers, your circumstances will determine what resources you can access. After all, a birth mother supported by their parents probably needs less support than a single mother living alone. Regardless of circumstance, we want all our birth mothers to take advantage of all their resources during this time. To that end, our agency will inform and empower all birth mothers to take charge of their pregnancy self-care.

Pregnancy Tip #1: Keep up With Prenatal Care

Prenatal care is a must if one is to have a healthy birth. Proper prenatal care includes lifestyle and diet adjustments, vitamin intake, and the avoidance of hazardous materials and activities. Additionally, certain medical issues can appear suddenly during pregnancy, requiring specific medications. As such, it is important for birth mothers to make regular appointments with prenatal specialists. Fortunately, our adoption agencies can cover the costs of prenatal care and can even connect you to a specialist.

While every pregnancy is unique and you should prioritize your specialist’s counsel, there are universal guidelines to remember. While your baby is growing in your womb, take every opportunity to keep them healthy. To that end, you should develop a healthy diet to give them key nutrients, such as calcium. Moderate exercise can also make your labor and delivery easier. You should also avoid harmful substances, such as raw meat, fish, drugs, and alcohol. These substances are known to cause birth defects and can endanger your baby’s life. As a rule, remember that your health directly affects your baby’s health.

Pregnancy Tip #2: Take Care of Your Mental Health

Physical health is not the only concern that a birth mother should have. While you have valid reasons to choose adoption, negative feelings, such as guilt and regret, often linger. These feelings can be exacerbated by pregnancy hormones and conditions, such as postpartum depression. If left unattended, this can lead birth mothers to develop long-term trauma.

Additionally, your mental health can also affect the well-being of your baby. Too much stress can cause your baby to become dangerously underweight. It can even cause the birth mother to give birth prematurely, which can endanger your baby’s life. While stress is often unavoidable during pregnancy, you must manage your mental health. Not only will your child benefit, but you will be better for it as well.

Thankfully, Adoption Choices of Oklahoma can provide free mental health services and resources if you are eligible. As mental health needs vary wildly, we offer a variety of therapies, from one-on-one sessions to group therapy. We can even cover retreats if you need time away from real life and mentally recharge. Of course, it is often helpful to seek help from multiple sources. Maintaining contact with your friends and family, even asking them for help, is very recommended. Self-isolation is harmful to birth mothers, and having a support network can help prevent that. Our agency can also connect you to support groups if you don’t have that support already. There, you will meet fellow birth mothers who know what you are going through. While we can’t promise that you’ll make friends, you’ll at least be able to break out of isolation.

Pregnancy Tip #3: Think About Your Birth Plan

As part of your adoption plan, you can customize your birthing environment for when your due date arrives. Almost every aspect of this environment can be changed. You can decide who gets to be present at the birth, such as the adoptive parents. As the birth mother, you can decide the method of birth, such as vaginal or cesarean. You can also choose whether or not you want pain medication. Your options are virtually limitless as you can even request a specific look to your room or even music. You can also change your birth plan before your due date according to any changing needs. While your birth plan may look like a low priority, it is one you should take seriously. Childbirth can be an intense and painful process. A smooth birth often requires a comfortable birth mother, and you deserve whatever comfort you can get.

Having a Safe Pregnancy and Adoption

Pregnancy by itself can be as complicated as it is miraculous. When adoption is involved, pregnancy can be more complex for the birth mother. Thankfully, help is always there should you need it. Your friends and family are a great source, but you can never have too much help. Don’t forget that our agency has resources that can make your pregnancy easier. We are always willing to support our birth mothers.

If you need help with facilitating a child adoption, call Adoption Choices of Oklahoma today.

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