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Pregnant, Homeless, Abused, and Choosing Adoption in Oklahoma

By Sreevidya Rajesh

Pregnancy can be a stressful situation to handle if you are homeless or abused. An unplanned pregnancy can cause stigma and shame. However, you may look for resources to help you navigate your way. Being homeless and pregnant should not limit your rights to find support. Just like any pregnant woman, you have three options. 

Realistically, not all these options can be possible, given that you are homeless or being abused. Before moving ahead, it is good to gather as much information as possible. If you consider adoption for your baby, then look into all the resources that will be available. If you search for adoption agencies near me, there will be tons of suggestions. You can get a lot of information about the adoption in Oklahoma. The adoption process will include various resources that are available to help you before, during, and after the adoption process, like counseling and support, housing, and financial assistance. 

Parenting or Choosing an Adoption Process in Oklahoma

The first thing to consider during pregnancy is whether you are ready to parent your child. Whether you are homeless or not, you need to ask yourself a few questions.

  • Will the birth father be available to parent the baby with you?
  • The child’s needs can be overwhelming. Are you financially stable to sustain?
  • At this point in life are you ready for motherhood?
  • Can you provide a loving environment for your child to grow?

The choice to parent your child is totally yours. No one can dispute it, even if you are homeless or in an abusive relationship. But, if you are convinced that parenting is not the right path, you can consider putting your child up for adoption. You can start looking for adoption agencies in Oklahoma and the resources they provide. Adoption Choices of Oklahoma is an adoption agency in Oklahoma where all your needs can be catered to. Making the right adoption plan may seem like a good option if you are homeless and pregnant. 

An Option Other Than Parenting or Adoption in Oklahoma

The decision to give up your baby for adoption at birth or not is up to you. Not all birthmothers facing an unplanned pregnancy will go for adoption. If you feel that parenting is not what you want or you are not capable right now, you can choose to terminate the baby. There are many centers that will come to your aid with proper medical support. Since abortion laws vary in different states, you need to research well before opting. Sometimes you will have to obtain parental consent if you are below a certain age limit.

You might not be allowed by law to terminate the pregnancy if you are in the second trimester or beyond. You may be medically not fit to terminate the baby as well. Reviewing these possibilities, you can make the decision. However, if termination is not the right option, you can approach Oklahoma City adoption. Then, giving your baby up for adoption can be considered the right choice. 

Choosing Adoption in Oklahoma Being a Pregnant, Homeless Woman

You can create a better future for yourself and the baby by choosing adoption. The adoption agencies in Oklahoma will help you handle your pregnancy journey in a better manner as well. The advantages of choosing adoption while facing an abusive relationship or being homeless are:

  • Adoption Choices of Oklahoma offers financial assistance to look for safe housing for the birth parents.
  • The adoption agency will pay the rent, groceries, utility bills, and phone bills. 
  • The adoption process will include your medical appointments and assist you with hospital charges.
  • Resources such as professional counseling and emotional support groups will be made available for your support throughout and after your pregnancy by the adoption center. 
  • If you are in an abusive relationship, the adoption agencies in Oklahoma will facilitate lawyer consultations.
  • An adoption plan will be created for you to have complete control over the adoption process. 
  • You can choose from the carefully screened adoptive family profiles that fit your requirements. 
  • The adoption process in Oklahoma gives you the option of open or closed adoption. 
  • Open adoption enables you to have access to your child even after adoption.
  • Adoption Choices of Oklahoma allows you to know that your child is raised in a secure and stable environment.

Adoption in Oklahoma is a Good Choice 

Financial stability and a secure home provide a good mental state for the birth parents. Having discussed the advantages of choosing adoption for birth parents who are homeless, Adoption Choices of Oklahoma provides the best support. Here you are connected to the right resources to improve your current situation. If you are a pregnant woman who is homeless or facing abuse, then adoption is the right option.

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