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Questions to Ask LGBT Adoptive Parents in OK

You have filtered through numerous adoptive families for your baby and finally found a few possible matches. Now, it is time for you to ask those prospective adoptive parents some questions as you try and narrow them down. One of the matches is a same-sex couple. What questions do you ask them? Is there a particular set of questions to ask LGBT adoptive parents? The answer is no. There is no special set of questions. 

LGBT adoptive parents are just like traditional adoptive parents. They are the individuals who will be raising your child. While some aspects of their life might hold a bit more weight, focus on asking questions about your child’s future well-being in their care.

1) What is Your Home Life like?

A key question to ask any prospective adoptive parents is what will your child’s home life look like. How they will go about their day, and how much time they will have with their adoptive parents. A stable home life is essential for a bright future.  To gain insight into this, here are a couple subsequent questions to ask: 

  • Do you both work? If so, does one of you work from home? 
  • Do you have any other pets or children? 

2) What kind of Community do You Live in?

Another crucial element for a successful future is strong community life. Local atmosphere, schools and activities all play a part in who your child becomes. When asking your child’s adoptive parents about this, consider these following questions as well:

  • What kind of neighborhood do you live in? Are you in the city, country or suburbs?
  • Do you live in a diverse area?
  • Is your surrounding community accepting and welcoming?

3) What Opportunities will My Child have?

Something else you may be interested in learning is what kind of opportunities your child will have with this particular adoptive family. This is an especially good question to ask if you have specific wants or requirements for your child. So, you want to make sure that you choose the adoptive family who will enable your child to live to their fullest potential. Here are some questions to ask your child’s adoptive parents regarding this:

  • What are your values regarding education?
  • Will my child be able to pursue his or her interests?
  • What about family adventures? 

LGBT Adoptive Parents in Oklahoma

This is a non-exhaustive list of questions to ask LGBT adoptive parents, but it can give you a good starting point. It can help provide you with a sense of what kind of life your child may have with a particular couple or individual, and who would be the best fit when raising them.

At  Adoption Choices of Oklahoma, we understand that choosing a nontraditional family may seem scary, but we encourage you to consider all types of adoptive families, as each one can offer a unique life for your child. You never know — LGBT adoptive parents may be the best fit and check all of your boxes! All you have to do is ask questions and find out! 


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