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Self-Care as a Birth Mother 

By Julian Burgos 

Preparing for the adoption process as a birth mother can come with its own set of unique challenges. Before you begin the process of adoption and delivering your baby, you have several months of preparation, both physically and mentally. You probably know that the physical aspects of pregnancy can take a toll on a woman’s body, but it can also drain you mentally. If you are someone considering giving your baby up for adoption, you will want to take note of these self-care tips during your adoption journey. 

Taking Time for Yourself as a Birth Mother

Self-care can be as simple as taking time for yourself to do what YOU want to do. This can mean partaking in some of your favorite hobbies. Depending on how far along you are in your pregnancy, your doctor might suggest that you limit strenuous activity. However, you can focus on minimal-impact workouts like walking or swimming. These are excellent ways to keep your body strong and healthy before your baby arrives. Taking time for yourself can mean reading your favorite novels or spending time outdoors when the weather allows it. During this time, it is okay to treat yourself and do things that relax your body and mind while also maintaining your health. 

Nutrition is Key  

Ensuring that you are eating healthy foods and nourishing your body with the nutrients that you and your baby need is important.  Consider the following:

  • Protein– Food high in protein will ensure that your muscles will remain strong throughout your pregnancy. This can be done through lean meats and chicken, or even food like seafood and tofu.  
  • Cooking Oils– Oils in your food can be highly beneficial. Take advantage of every opportunity you get to add vegetable or olive oil to your dishes.  
  • Fruits and vegetables– These are always a healthier alternative when you feel like snacking throughout the day. Instead of food containing high levels of sugar and sodium, consider replacing them with a bowl of your favorite fruit or vegetables.  
  • Dairy products– Food and drinks containing dairy products will help your body have the extra calcium for your baby.  
  • Water- Hydration is one of the most important things you can practice to make sure your mind and body are healthy. Remember to stay hydrated in your day-to-day activities and perhaps carry a refillable water bottle with you wherever you go. 

Birth Mother Support Groups and Counseling 

You might be having anxiety about your pregnancy or how to place your baby up for adoption, and that is completely normal. This can be a good time to search for support groups in your area with other birth mothers going through similar situations. Surrounding yourself with a community of like-minded people can be comforting during times when your anxiety is at its peak. Adoption Choices of Oklahoma also has counseling services to help birth mothers like yourself address their worries and concerns. Our counselors are here to listen and provide emotional support for every stage of your pregnancy. This even extends beyond the completion of your adoption. We have professionals who are equipped and trained to offer helpful advice or simply listen to your concerns. 

Get Plenty of Rest 

Sufficient rest is an overlooked part of our daily routines, and during pregnancy, it’s no different. Sleep is an important part of our daily lives and gives our bodies and minds the recuperation necessary for the next day. If you have trouble with your sleep schedule, finding ways to relax before bed or seeing a sleep specialist may be beneficial. Having enough sleep will benefit your body in the long run and help your bodily systems perform efficiently.  

Relaxation Techniques 

There might be times when you won’t have a support group or close family members nearby to help you in moments of anxiety. Relaxation techniques and exercises can be effective ways to help your mind slow down and find comfort in difficult moments: 

  • Yoga classes– yoga poses and exercises are proven ways to alleviate bodily and mental stress. Finding yoga classes in your area can be a great way of meeting new friends and lowering your stress levels. 
  • Journaling– writing down your thoughts can help you manage your emotions and serve as an outlet to express what you’re feeling. No one needs to read any of your entries. For many, journaling is a private activity and a way of expressing your emotions in a healthy manner.  
  • Prenatal massages– having a prenatal massage can have many wonderful long-term benefits. These massages can alleviate tension and pain across the body and reduce your stress levels in the process.  

Visit Our Local Oklahoma Adoption Agency Today!

Self-care is an often-overlooked part of our daily routines that can greatly benefit our mood and well-being. We hope that you have learned some new ways to take care of yourself during your pregnancy. For more information on pregnancy self-care or adoption help, our agency is always here. Adoption Choices of Oklahoma has been one of the most reputable adoption agencies in Oklahoma for decades. For any questions or concerns about adoption or unplanned pregnancy help, our specialists are here to help. Please contact our offices and schedule a consultation for any of your adoption needs. 

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