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Self-Care Tips When Going Through The Adoption Process

By Rose O’Connor  

Going through an unplanned pregnancy can be an emotional and stressful time. You may be thinking about the future steps when you are placing your baby for adoption. The steps of the adoption process can be a lot. That is why Adoption Choices of Oklahoma is here to guide you every step of the way! We are here to advocate your specific needs and to meet you personally one on one. 

Self-Care Tips to Practice During the Adoption Process

Going through the adoption process can be a lot to take in. That is why it is important to practice self-care when going through your adoption journey. Practicing these self-care tips can further help you to go through your journey smoothly. With all of the steps to complete during the adoption process, it is important to look after your well-being. Here are some of the self-care tips to consider practicing during this time. 

Consider Taking Time for Yourself When Going Through the Adoption Process 

Going through the steps of adoption can already have a type of stress, and you may feel overwhelmed. That is why it is crucial to take time for yourself. It doesn’t matter how long. What matters is that you take some time for yourself, whether it’s a short amount of time or a long amount of time. Therefore, you deserve to relax, and you can do that in ways that make you feel the most comfortable and happy. Your version of relaxing may be making a comfort meal for yourself! Nourishing your body is significant when going through this time. Other ways may be taking a nice bath or going out somewhere! 

Envelop Yourself with Other People Who Have Gone Through Their Adoption Journey 

During this time, it is normal and common to feel alone. Adoption Choices of Oklahoma is here for you no matter what, and you will always have a form of assistance from us! But, having additional groups of people that have gone through their adoption journey can be beneficial for your well-being. Furthermore, having others to talk to who have gone through the same things can help you to express your feelings and emotions. You feel more connected with them since they understand you more. There is already a stigma around choosing adoption for your child. Therefore, surrounding yourself with people who have the same journey can help you embrace your decision and to feel more at peace. 

Try To Stay Positive During Your Adoption Journey 

It is common to think more about the negative things about adoption. That is because choosing adoption is stigmatized in society. But looking at the positive side of choosing adoption can further help you to feel more relaxed. As mentioned before, surrounding yourself with people who are supportive and have gone through their journey can help create a positive environment. Another way is that you can use more positive language than what is normally being said by society. For example, emphasize using the sense “placing your baby for adoption” rather than “giving a baby up for adoption.” Know that choosing adoption is not given up. You are providing your child with the best care and love with your chosen adoptive family. 

Consider Our Counseling Support With Our Adoption Agencies 

Know that It is okay to ask for help. Going through your adoption journey can be difficult and may make you feel a sense of sadness. That is why Adoption Choices of Oklahoma offers counseling through our professionals. You can choose counseling at any time during your adoption journey. Asking for help is a beneficial way of knowing your struggles and expressing your emotions and feelings. Moreover, now that we will never judge you! We are so proud of you for taking the step to ask for help during this time.

Consider Writing Your AThroughs in a Journal Regarding Your Adoption Journey

Journaling overall is a great benedict for mental health. Journaling can further help you to express your emotions and feelings. Keeping track of what you are feeling is important, especially when you are going through your adoption journey. Additionally, Journaling is a great way to write down all of the important memories. You will create lots of memories during the steps of adoption. These memories are key to look back on when you are reflecting on choosing adoption for your child. A journal is personalized to you, and you can write down all of the emotions you may have! 

How Our Adoption Agencies Can Help You 

When you search for adoption agencies near me, you will be met with an agency that serves birth mothers across Oklahoma! We are ready to assist you with your journey. Our adoption agencies in Oklahoma are nonprofit and licensed adoption agencies. Therefore, our professionals will meet you in person or virtually! We will help you create your adoption plan to further set your decision on choosing adoption. 

Since we are a nonprofit, licensed agency, we offer the following resources. 

  • Financial Assistance: We can assist you with financial assistance, such as living expenses and groceries!  
  • Housing Assistance: Having a safe place to stay during your adoption journey is important to us! Therefore, we can assist you with finding housing. 
  • Medical Assistance: We can help you with access to prenatal care. Receiving medical care during your pregnancy is crucial. 
  • Emotional Support: We ensure that your emotional needs will be heard and that you will be taken care of.

You Are Not Alone During The Adoption Process 

When you work with Adoption Choices of Oklahoma, you will be ensured that you are being taken care of. Practicing self-care during this time can further help you to get through the steps of adoption. Our adoption agencies in Oklahoma can offer additional resources to advocate for your self-care ways. Know that the emotions you may be feeling are more than okay. Choosing adoption for your child is not easy, and we are so proud of you for making this decision. We will make sure that you and your child are being taken care of. 

If you are a woman who needs further assistance with the adoption process, please do not hesitate to reach out to us! 

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