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Steps Needed to Choose Adoption During the Holidays

By Brendan Finegan

Regardless of where you are along the adoption process, you’ll need expedient and effective adoption services during the holiday season. Adoption Choices of Oklahoma understands that choosing adoption during the holidays can be an emotional rollercoaster for birth mothers. That is why we want to ensure that you have the necessary steps needed to complete an adoption during this time of year. Although this is a season of family gatherings and joyful festivities, you can still have the adoption plan that’s right for you. If you’re afraid of combating the emotions of choosing adoption during the holidays, take a look at the steps needed to complete adoption in Oklahoma.

Step 1: Get an Adoption Specialist

After you’ve contacted Adoption Choices of Oklahoma, you will be assigned an adoption specialist to assist you with your adoption plan. Every birth mother is going to have unique needs and expectations, so we want to ensure that you have the Oklahoma adoption that’s right for you. Once you get your adoption specialist, they’ll meet with you face-to-face to determine what kind of adoption will be the best fit for you and your baby. And you’ll get to work out details about what kind of medical and financial assistance you’ll need, along with sorting through any other questions you might have. Your adoption plan is always designed to work best for you and to give you resources to help you through an adoption during the holidays. 

Step 2: Look For the Right Adoption Family

Whether you’re looking to start the adoption process or just beginning it, you’ll want to make sure that you choose the best adoption family for you and your baby. But what about trying to find one during this time of year? Surely the holidays are a far too busy time of year to find any adoption family, right? Adoption Choices of Oklahoma wants you to have the assurance and confidence that you’re making the right decision with your adoption, regardless of the time of year. You may be having feelings of anxiety and regret when choosing adoption during the holidays. Maybe you’re feeling guilty because you feel that choosing adoption is like giving up your baby.

Remember that you’re choosing adoption because it’s the right choice for you and your baby. An unplanned pregnancy is not going to wait for the holiday season to pass, so take comfort in knowing that there will be an adoptive family that’s right for you. With your adoption specialist, you’ll sort through family profiles that align with your adoption plan. And if you don’t like the selection that’s presented to you, you’ll always have the option to view more adoption families. Our goal is to ease the stress and guilt you may be feeling with a specialized adoption plan. Feeling grief and overwhelmed from choosing adoption during the holidays is perfectly natural. But with the right adoption plan, you’ll be able to sort through these emotions of fear in a healthy and empowering way.

Step 3: Receive Support From Your Adoption Specialist

Even after choosing the right adoptive family, there is still the period of pregnancy that you’ll have to endure until your due date. Making sure that your mental health is taken care of while pregnant will take a lot of work, but that is why you’ll have an adoption specialist that’ll work for you. You’ll receive the emotional support and guidance from your adoption specialist that’ll ensure that you’re making the right decision. Whatever the reason may be for feeling sadness and grief during the adoption process, know that you’re choosing adoption to better yourself and your baby. Even if you don’t have the support of your family or community, your adoption specialist will be with you to ensure your adoption is designed to build families, not tear them apart. Think of adoption as a way to give you and your baby the best family life during the holiday season.

Your adoption specialist will also sort through the details of your adoption plan, bring you to doctor appointments, and provide transportation for any pregnancy related needs. And on your due date, your adoption specialist will be there to support and advocate for you, even after the adoptive family takes your baby home. You’ll continue to receive services after your delivery date.

Step 4: Have Support After Your Due Date

Adoption Choices of Oklahoma is aware that the adoption process does not stop after your delivery date. Adoption is not as simple as having the adoptive family take your baby home and you resume your typical life. Although life does continue after adoption, you may still be feeling the emotional woes and battles of choosing adoption. After your delivery date, your adoption specialist will continue to support you for eight weeks and you’ll receive counseling for six weeks. 

Denying your mental health during the adoption process will only make any possible feelings of sadness and regret worse. We want you to have the resources that’ll equip you for a successful and meaningful life after adoption. It’s okay to be feeling your emotions during the adoption process. Make sure you coordinate with your adoption specialist to receive the proper counseling post-delivery. Even after adoption, you’ll never have to fear being alone.

You’re Never Alone in Your Adoption Journey

Choosing adoption during the holiday season can be an exceptionally difficult time for birth mothers. Although you may be plagued with feelings of guilt and grief from choosing adoption during the holidays, there is no battle that you can’t overcome. With the proper guidance and support from your adoption plan, you will have a successful adoption that will bring you peace and harmony. You have the right to lead the family life that you want, and by choosing adoption, your child will have the best possible family for many holidays to come. 

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