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Support for Birth Mothers in Oklahoma 

By Megan Kostraba

Finding support for yourself as a birth mother is an integral part of the adoption process. When you are giving up your baby for adoption, you are accepting all of the factors that follow adoption. That can include exhaustion, grief, sorrow, and guilt. 

Handling all of these emotions and feelings on your own can be incredibly hard. As an adoption agency in Oklahoma, we suggest that every birth mother seek postpartum help after her adoption is over. Facing an unplanned pregnancy is scary! Sometimes, birth mothers need a little extra help in expressing and understanding all of the feelings that stem from choosing adoption. 

There are different ways to seek out that support. Most agencies will offer your counseling support, but you can also reach out to birth mother support groups! Let’s talk about seeking support for yourself and understand what each service can provide you as a birth mother.

What is a Birth Mother Support Group?

A support group that’s specific to adoption is an open group of birth mothers who have all experienced what you are feeling. For women who are open to forming a connection and sharing with others, a support group might be more beneficial than adoption counseling! Every adoption agency near you should offer counseling services for their birth mothers, but some women choose to branch out and join a support group. Either option is great and has benefits.

By joining a support group, you may feel a sense of intimate belonging and connection that you might not find anywhere else. Surrounded by women who have shared and understand your experience, a support group could be your preferred method of healing. Being in a support group is being within a community of other birth mothers who can understand one another deeply. 

Compared to meeting with your adoption counselor, you could feel more comfortable with a support group! There, you can find other women who have gone through or are going through similar experiences. You might even feel inclined to help others through their unplanned pregnancies

What is Adoption Counseling?

At Adoption Choices of Oklahoma, we offer counseling services for our birth mothers. This support is all included in your adoption plan—there are no extra payments when it 

comes to adoption counseling. We know how hard it can be to process your feelings and emotions after the adoption is completed. Some women may need some extra help when it comes to recovering and moving on to their next chapter in life. 

Through counseling with your adoption specialist, you can learn and understand how to express your feelings. Putting up a child for adoption is stressful, and you might have some lingering feelings after the whole process is over. Without processing those emotions, you might not be able to move on to your next chapter in life. A lot of birth mothers have a difficult time moving on from adoption while feelings of guilt and regret still fester. Some birth mothers might feel like they’ve made a mistake, or they feel guilty about the choice that they made for their baby.

As an adoption agency, your concerns are our priorities. We want you to be able to flourish and grow after your adoption is complete. This is why we talk so heavily about postpartum care and suggest it for every birth mother. Whether that support is given through counseling or a support group is up to each individual birth mother. Either way, receiving and feeling that support is a must! 

Should I Join A Support Group or Stay Within My Agency? 

There are a couple of factors that can influence your choice of counseling or joining a support group. Begin by asking yourself, “How much support do I need?” If you feel that you are in dire need of support, seeking professional help is a great first step. In comparison, if you are someone who would appreciate the company of others who have shared similar experiences, a support group could be for you. 

The best thing to remember when considering both options is that you are taking that step and reaching out! Whether it be with a support group or with your adoption counselor, choosing adoption for your baby takes healing time. There is no rush when it comes to healing your mind and body—remember that before joining either option. Digesting and processing your emotions can also be difficult! Support groups and counseling can take a lot of mental energy and capacity. Either way, you go, there is no quick fix to handling your adoption. 

As an adoption agency, all we want is for our birth mothers to feel free and comfortable with their choices. Sometimes, that means choosing a support group, and that’s okay! We can help guide you through all of your decisions and will be supportive of your wishes. 

Our Oklahoma City adoption agencies are ready and there for you. Reach out to us for adoption help, and we can guide you through the process, one step at a time.

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