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Surrogacy and the Chances of Multiples

Surrogacy is a wonderful and beautiful thing. It brings hopeful couples together with surrogates who can make their dreams of being parents come true. Over the years, a lot of hard work has been done to make sure surrogacy is the best it can be. For example, advocating for surrogacy rights, surrogacy contracts, fair compensation for surrogates, and medical artificial insemination procedures. With all of the good changes that have happened with surrogacy, there are still inherent risks involved. If you’re considering becoming a surrogate in colorado, make sure you understand all of the possible complications and rare situations that come up during surrogacy. Adoption and Surrogacy Choices of Oklahoma is here to make sure you’re completely comfortable with your surrogacy journey every step of the way. Surrogacy is not an easy thing to go through, and we’re on your side to provide support and advocacy for you. There’s a lot that goes into the surrogacy process, and you don’t have to figure it all out alone. One of the complications that can come up in surrogacy is the chances of multiples. A lot of intended parents are solely looking for the surrogate to have just one child, so women who are new to OK surrogacy may not even be aware of the risk of having more than one embryo develop. There are ways to address the issue of multiples, and some intended parents are open to more than one child, but there can be complications with carrying more than one baby to term. 

Your counselor can go through more in-depth about the chances of multiples and your personal risk of multiples, but here are just a few key bits of important information and frequently asked questions about multiples. 

What are Multiples? 

“Multiples” is just another word for carrying more than one baby at a time. Typically this means twins or sometimes even triplets or more on rare circumstances. “Singleton” is also a commonly used term in surrogacy to denote one embryo or one fetus growing in the womb. 

What Causes Multiples in Surrogacy? 

In gestational surrogacy, the method of artificial insemination is used in In Vitro Fertilization (IVF). In IVF, sometimes more than one or multiple viable embryos are placed in the uterus. Because more than one embryo is placed in the uterus, in order to increase the chances of at least one of them attaching, there are increased chances that more than one of those embryos will take. There is also the option of having one embryo transferred at a time to avoid the risk of multiples. There is roughly a 55% chance of pregnancy through IVF during the first three cycles. 

What are the Chances of Multiples in Surrogacy? 

The twin birth rate for natural pregnancies, not using artificial insemination, is only around 2-3%, so twins are actually pretty rare. However, with artificial means of insemination, the chances of twins dramatically increase. Since IVF is used in all gestational surrogacies, there is an inherent risk of multiples. The chances of  multiples are around 12%. Aside from the IVF treatment, things like age, life factors, and twins in previous pregnancies can increase your risk of multiples. Women over 30 have an increased chance of having twins, and with IVF, the risk is even higher. If you’ve previously had twins or multiples and are over 30, you have an increased risk of producing twins during your surrogacy. Talk with your doctor about the chances of multiples and the risk that come with them before the surrogacy, and disclose that information to your surrogacy counselor and intended parents prior to IVF treatments. 

What Happens if There are Multiples During Surrogacy? 

An essential part of the surrogacy process is creating and agreeing to a surrogacy contract with the intended parents. This contract/agreement is drafted and signed well before birth to ensure everything goes smoothly and in favor of all parties involved. A crucial element to include in these contracts is what to do in the event of complications such as multiples. This will be decided and agreed upon in advance, so no last-minute decisions need to be made. There are no “typical” or textbook ways of dealing with multiples in surrogacy, and it is ultimately up to you and the intended parents. 

Selective Reduction

In the event of multiples, a selective reduction may be agreed upon by the surrogate mother and intended parents. Selective reduction is the reduction of fetuses from twins, triplets, or more, to one. Since the chances of multiples are relatively higher for surrogates, selective reduction is an important topic to discuss with the intended parents. Talk with your doctor about the Oklahoma surrogacy process of selective reduction to fully understand the process and procedure. Be aware, selective reduction can be extremely emotionally taxing on you and the intended parents. 

Complications and Birth Risks with Multiples 

There can be several complications with multiples. For starters, twins and multiples have a much higher premature birth rate. Over half of twins and almost 90% of triplets are born prematurely. Additionally, maternal complications increase significantly with multiples, such as maternal death rate, pre-eclampsia, and other life-threatening maternal complications. Since multiples are at a higher risk for preterm births, and preterm births come with their own set of increased risks and complications, the chances of multiples can cause a lot of issues in surrogacy. 

Should I Be Worried About the Chance of Multiples During My Surrogacy?

Life is full of risks that can come up at any moment, but we can’t let that stop us from living life. There are possible complications, risks, and obstacles that come with surrogacy, pregnancy, and IVF. If you want to provide the gift of a child to an intended family, you do need to understand and accept those risks, but don’t let them consume you. Surrogacy is a beautiful journey with a lot of joy, excitement, and pride. It’s crucial that we don’t let the chances of issues overshadow the big picture. So should you be worried? In short, be aware, but try not to let the worry take over and ruin the experience for you. 

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