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Intended Parents

Who are Intended Parents?

In many cases, intended parents are people who have tried for many years to have a biological child. In many other cases, intended parents are ALL kinds of couples and singles! For example:

  • Single men who want to have a child
  • Single women who cannot carry a baby to term themselves, due to infertility or health risks
  • Same sex male couples
  • Same sex female couples who cannot carry a child themselves
  • Or any couple or individual for any variety of reasons

Every intended parent’s story is different, but there are usually some common themes when it comes to why they pursue surrogacy. Getting to know who the intended parents are and their reason for choosing surrogacy will help build a strong relationship between carrier and parents (if desired) and help to understand why surrogacy is so important to the hopeful intended parents. 

Intended Parent Requirements

Couples or Individuals who are considered for participation in our Oklahoma Surrogacy Choices program as Intended Parents:

  • Must be willing to complete a background check and psychological evaluation
  • Must be financially secure and in a stable living arrangement
  • Have the support of your spouse/partner (when applicable) or close friends and family
  • Must have a respectful attitude toward the surrogate and of her time and commitment
  • Must be willing and prepared to have open and honest conversations
  • Have a general understanding of the Gestational Surrogacy process
  • Must complete all paperwork in a timely manner
  • Must not have a criminal history
  • Must be excited! 

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If you are interested in becoming a surrogate, have you read the eligibility requirements?

Cost and Financing for Surrogacy

Adoption and Surrogacy Choices of Oklahoma is committed to making your surrogacy journey as stress-free and enjoyable as possible. While the total cost of surrogacy varies based on the individual and situation, your surrogacy professional will help you plan for your family’s future and ensure you understand every financial aspect.

How much does surrogacy cost?

The average cost of a surrogacy pregnancy in the U.S. can range anywhere from $125,000 and more, depending whether the parents already have created embryos. For all intended parents wondering how expensive gestational surrogacy is, it’s important to keep in mind that the cost of gestational surrogacy depends on many factors, including:

  • Creating the embryos
    • medical IVF expenses
    • donor fees and expenses (if applicable)
    • professional fees
    • pharmaceutical expenses
  • Surrogacy journey costs
    • surrogacy program costs
    • gestational surrogate fees
    • lawyer and other and professional’s fees
    • IVF medical fees to screen the gestational surrogate
    • cycle and then transfer of the embryo to the gestational surrogate
    • out-of-pocket medical expenses
    • insurance expenses
  • Newborn costs

Creating an embryo can add $30,000-$50,000 overall and using an egg donor will add another $20,000-30,000. While some intended parents’ insurance may cover IVF fees, most will not, particularly fees and costs related to the surrogate. There is no doubt that a surrogacy journey is expensive and why there is so much financial assistance available to help!


Grants, Loans, and Fundraising for Surrogacy

Many intended parents are relieved that there are several options available to them to create a more affordable surrogacy. As an intended parent, you may earn free funds for your surrogacy through surrogate and fertility grant programs. Many lenders specialize in providing loans to couples looking for gestational surrogacy financing. Community fundraising events are an excellent way for intended parents to fund their surrogacy journeys. 
(Note: These are NOT ACS of Oklahoma affiliated companies and we cannot vouch for them.)

  • Grants:
  • Loans:
    • Borrowing from 401(k) plans – You pay interest to yourself!
    • Applying for a home equity loan or line of credit.
    • Using credit cards (but be careful; interest rates are wickedly high).
    • CapexMD.
    • Prosper Healthcare Lending.
    • New Life Fertility Finance. –Note that New Life offers a loan from SunTrust Bank that some of our clients have obtained directly from the bank: It is the Lightstream loan, also called the “Anything loan” (
  • Fundraising:
    • Online crowdfunding.Use sites such as Kickstarter to share your surrogacy journey and find out how friends and strangers can easily donate.
    • Turning a hobby into a business.Sell your services or homemade goods on sites such as Etsy and put your profits toward financing your surrogacy journey.
    • Community events. You can recruit community members to help you raise money and accept donations for your surrogacy process. Silent auctions and garage sales are common ways intended parents receive financial help for surrogacy.

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