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Surrogate Agency in Oklahoma

If you live in the South Central region of the United States and you’re: A) interested in becoming a surrogate mother or B) interested in starting a family through gestational surrogacy, here is why working with our surrogacy agencies in Oklahoma would be the best choice for you.

Why You Should Work with Adoption Choices of Oklahoma

Adoption Choices of Oklahoma is a private, licensed adoption and surrogacy agency. We have a professional network that extends on a local, regional, and national basis to assist anyone who needs our surrogacy services. We have two offices in the state of Oklahoma, located in Tulsa and Oklahoma City but we are prepared to serve you across Oklahoma and even the U.S. Our surrogacy agency provides care for both intended parents and surrogate carriers.

1) We Offer a Supportive Environment for Intended Parents and Surrogate Carriers

At our surrogacy agency in Oklahoma, you can expect a supportive, nonjudgemental environment. We offer services to everyone, regardless of their marital status, race, religion, or sexual orientation. We’re committed to helping intended parents and surrogates of all backgrounds grow a family through gestational surrogacy.

Both surrogate carriers and intended parents will receive support from start to finish. We understand that the gestational surrogacy process can be complicated, but we will ensure that your physical, emotional, and financial health needs are met. We will do everything we can to provide the most positive and empowering experience possible.

2) We are Committed to Making Your Gestational Surrogacy Journey Successful

Our compassionate and highly-trained staff will walk you through the gestational surrogacy process to make sure you are mentally, emotionally, physically, and financially prepared for what lies ahead of you. Entering into a gestational surrogacy agreement as an intended parent or surrogate is not something that should be taken lightly, and we want to make sure that all parties fully understand the surrogacy process and know what to expect upfront.

Before you get too deep into the surrogacy process, all intended parents and surrogates are required to pass a physical exam and psychological evaluation. This will ensure that the surrogates are physically able to have a successful and healthy pregnancy, and that the intended parents are ready to commit to parenthood.  

3) Our Surrogate Website has a Wealth of Information about How We do Gestational Surrogacy

For specific information regarding the requirements you’ll need to meet as a surrogate and intended parent in the state of Oklahoma, and an application to get started, be sure to check the gestational surrogacy page on our website. It will also provide you with other details relevant to your surrogacy journey.

In addition, dedicated members of our team have put together resourceful blogs that shed light on the myths and realities of gestational surrogacy. These may help answer any initial questions you may have as you’re researching and gathering information about your local surrogacy agencies in Oklahoma.

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