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Who is a Surrogate Mother?

A surrogate mother — also called a surrogate, gestational surrogate or gestational carrier — is a woman who chooses to carry and birth a child for a deserving intended family. The women who choose to become surrogates include, but are not limited to those who…

  • Have had a successful pregnancy history without complications
  • Are raising at least one child at home
  • Enjoy being pregnant and have had at least 1 uncomplicated pregnancy
  • Can pass a background check, criminal record check and psychological evaluation
  • Have a clean bill of health from their doctor

How does a Surrogate Mother get pregnant?

In Gestational Surrogacy, insemination happens via IVF (in vitro fertilization). There are a few different combinations of how this embryo is created:

  • Intended parents’ sperm and egg
  • Donor egg and intended father’s sperm
  • Donor sperm and intended mother’s egg
  • Donor sperm and egg
  • Donor embryo (which may be donated by someone who’s gone through IVF and had one left over)

One of these sperm/egg combinations will be implanted into the surrogate mother. This means, answering the most frequently asked question, Will the baby be related to the surrogate mother? No, the baby will not be related to the surrogate in any way.

Why would a Surrogate Mother choose to work with Intended Parents in Gestational Surrogacy?

The reasons a woman chooses to become a surrogate can be endless. Often she is inspired to be able to give a family a child. She is usually a woman who enjoys being pregnant. Some surrogacy mothers are financially driven, but most agree that financial compensation is not the only reason they choose to become a surrogate.

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Surrogate Mother Agency in Oklahoma

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