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Teen Pregnancy: Choosing Adoption at 13, 14, or 15

By Kate Armentor

For Underage birth mothers, it can be terrifying to decide where to go next. Navigating the trials of an unplanned pregnancy can be intimidating enough, but figuring that out as a teen can add so many anxieties. You are probably worrying about food, or housing, or raising this new person you will bring into the world. That is why we at Adoption Choices of Oklahoma offer adoption to any woman with an unplanned pregnancy.

We solve any issue that may lead you to choosing adoption. We cover all finances so that you can have a stress-free pregnancy. We help you with your nutritional well-being along the way. We are also with you while you choose adoptive families so that your child can go to a loving and stable home. So, if you are between thirteen and eighteen and you are pregnant, you can count on Adoption Choices of Oklahoma

How To Contact Adoption Agencies

Adoption Choices of Oklahoma is a fully licensed adoption agency with stations all across Oklahoma. While there are major stations in Tulsa and Oklahoma City, they are open to anyone across Oklahoma. All you have to do is call or email. You won’t even have to drive. We will do that for you! We take care of transportation all throughout your pregnancy, no matter where you want to get to. You will never feel left out or unable to communicate while you are with us. As for the birth father, it is completely up to you whether he is present. Whether you two are in contact has no bearing on the adoption process. No matter the situation, we are here to support you and your baby. Remember, our goal is to leave you as stress-free as possible. 

Adoption Resources For Teenage Birth Mothers

Birth mothers, especially teenage mothers, will receive constant help from birth parent counselors. We offer experienced individuals who will pair you with responsible and loving adoptive parents. They will handle any complications along the way so that you can focus on giving your child a new, better home. We also provide caseworkers who are here to provide emotional support during your pregnancy. You will likely be experiencing multiple hormones, as well as feelings of anxiety as a teenage mother, so it makes sense that your mental state would be a concern of ours.

We will even stay with you after your pregnancy to ensure you end this journey on the right track. We even offer financial aid to afford your own food and housing. We will even provide listings of nutritional information so that you can remain physically healthy. The main source of help we give is the one concerning adoption plans.

Creating An Adoption Plan In Oklahoma

Birth Parent counselors will help you every step of the way when creating an adoption plan. They will get in touch with potential adoptive parents and set up meetings between them and you. You will get to choose which parents will be most suitable for your child. That is if you want an open adoption plan. If you would prefer to have no contact with the new family and cut ties, you can vogue for a closed adoption plan. If you want something more in between, we can do that for you, too.

Adoption plans are made with you in mind and are solely for you to have a healthy and satisfying pregnancy. Do not feel scared because of whatever decision you might make. Do what feels right for your mental health. Remember, while we may be doing all the necessary stuff to help you, you are in the driver’s seat the entire time. 

Walking You Through the Process

If you are worried about any trouble along with the adoption process, there is no need to worry. We at Adoption Choices of Oklahoma will be with you throughout the entire process. Any courtroom matters you will be dealing with will be aided by us, so you will not have to worry over some huge words. Our birth parent counselors will also go out of their way to help you choose adoptive parents. They will conduct meetings, as well as visits to monitor your child’s future home. We will treat you as any other birth mother who walks through our doors.

We want the same thing you do, and that is a smooth adoption process for you and your baby. That does not just extend to your physical and mental well-being. That includes making sure the people you will be handing your child to will keep them protected and happy for the rest of their life. We will even remain with you after the birth of your child to make sure you remain in high spirits after it is done with.

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