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The Benefits of Adoption for Everyone Involved

By: Moki Murillo

Adoption, even today, is a topic that isn’t always handled with respect. But why does it have to be that way? If one is suddenly faced with an unplanned pregnancy, shouldn’t they explore all their options? Oftentimes, however, those close to the birth mother, even society itself, tell them that child adoption is bad. They tell them that putting a child up for adoption is equal to abandoning them. That is simply not true.

Adoption doesn’t just benefit the birth mother. It can improve the child’s life as well. Adoption Choices of Oklahoma understands that birth mothers pursue adoption for the benefit of their children. While this decision is hard on the birth mother, they still go through with adoption, prioritizing their child’s needs.

Think about your own circumstances. Would your child thrive in your home as it is now? Is there anyone in your life that could help you raise your child? Are you able to take time off from other responsibilities, such as a career, school, or your other children? Can you even afford to support another child? If your answers are less than satisfactory, then perhaps it is best to consider this option at least.

How Does Adoption Work?

To begin the adoption process in Oklahoma, your first step would be to contact one of our adoption agencies. You can do so by calling the number on our website. This will allow you to schedule an appointment with a birth parent specialist. We have birth parent specialists in both our Tulsa adoption agencies and our Oklahoma City adoption agencies. The specialist, however, will come to you, and they can travel all over the state. Your birth parent specialist will tell you everything you need to know about the adoption process. They will also help you create your adoption plan, which will let you personalize your adoption process. 

The Adoption Plan

Through your plan, you choose the type of adoption you wish to pursue. A closed adoption, for example, means that you will have no contact with your child or their adoptive family. Alternatively, an open or semi-open adoption can allow you to keep informed of your child. Your adoption plan can also provide you with a number of other services if you are eligible. We might be able to cover reasonable living and medical expenses, such as groceries or prenatal care. If your home situation is not ideal, we might be able to provide free temporary housing. Your plan may even cover mental health counseling or legal expenses related to the adoption process.

Once you create your adoption plan, you would need to wait for your due date. You would also have to keep up with any medical and legal appointments as they arise. Once the baby is born, the adoptive family will be the ones to take them home from the hospital. Your adoption specialist will then arrange a court date for you to officially give up your legal parental rights.

How Adoption Benefits Everyone

Now that you know how the adoption process works, you might ask how it can benefit your child. In truth, adoption doesn’t just benefit your child. It will also benefit you and the adoptive parents lucky enough to have this child in their lives.

  • Your Adoption Plan Could Cover Your Pregnancy

It is no secret that pregnancy is expensive in this country, especially if you don’t have insurance. Pregnant women pay more in medical expenses than their non-pregnant counterparts. Those who give birth via C-section have to pay even more. Thankfully, your adoption plan can spare you the costs if you are eligible. In addition to prenatal care, we could also cover your child’s birth regardless of how they are born. You can even allow you to choose the environment of the birth and who gets to be present. 

  • Without Adoption, Raising Children is Costly

Another well-known fact is that raising children is expensive. During the first month, you need to pay regular visits to the hospital, such as with postnatal care. You also need to pay for your baby’s other needs, such as a crib, baby formula, and diapers. Needs such as diapers and baby formula (and later solid food) require regular purchases. Then you would need to pay for baby clothes and new sets of clothes as the baby grows up. The material costs go on, and this is not including the time you need to care for the baby.

A lot of birth mothers don’t have the time or the resources to properly care for a child. While it may feel wrong to think about your own benefit, you need to also take care of yourself. Both pregnancy and child-rearing are costly. You need to think deeply about whether you can afford the costs in both time and money.

  • An Adoptive Family Can Provide Opportunities for Your Child

If you can’t afford to take care of a child, then perhaps you can find a family who can. Open and semi-open adoptions allow you to choose your child’s adoptive family. You can even screen their online profiles and interview them. As the birth mother, you are well within your rights to include financial stability as part of your standards. After all, your child has the right to have opportunities, such as a good education. Since we receive applications daily, you have a good chance of finding families that can afford to do so.

  • Adoption isn’t the End for You and Your Child

Just because another family is taking custody of your child, that doesn’t mean you have to say goodbye forever. If you pursue an open adoption, you could be able to see your child should their adoptive parents consent. While the adoptive parents retain legal custody, you might be able to remain a part of your child’s life. This relationship can also benefit your child, especially if the adoptive parents are of a different culture or ethnicity. You can give your child answers about their identity that will help them develop more healthily in life.

  • Adoption can be a Gift to Other Families

Not every family is able to have children of their own. Some couples may be physically unable to have children, such as same-sex couples and those with certain medical conditions. These couples may not be willing to employ a surrogate, so they turn to adoption agencies. Some of these couples may already have children, but they want to expand their family even further.

All of these families have been screened by Adoption Choices of Oklahoma and are able to legally adopt. Another thing they have in common is that they want the gift of children in their lives. As a birth mother, you can be the answer to their prayers. While parting with your child can be difficult, their new family will be able to support them. More importantly, you can rest assured knowing that your child will be with a family that will love them.

Choosing an Adoption Plan that Befits Everyone

We would be lying if we said that adoption wouldn’t be costly. While we don’t charge birth mothers money for child adoption, the process can be very emotionally involved. Many birth mothers need our counseling services to come to terms with this big decision. Even after placement, they may still need these services to deal with postpartum depression and other traumas. While we can continue covering these expenses after placement, should they be eligible, the pain is still real. But that’s why birth mothers are the real heroes in the adoption process. Many birth mothers would still sacrifice their own wants for the sake of their child. In doing so, they help enrich the lives of both their children and the families that adopt them.

If you need help putting your child up for adoption, call Adoption Choices of Oklahoma today.


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