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The Emotional Journey of Adoption: Navigating the Spectrum of Feelings When Considering Adoption

By Sarah Ford 

Adoption is a unique experience that will be different for every birth mother. Searching for adoption agencies near me that will fit your needs can be overwhelming, and you might have specific concerns. These concerns can include the various emotions and feelings experienced during this process. At times, these can be overwhelming and hard to understand. At Adoption Choices of Oklahoma, we know that emotional care can be vital in your adoption journey. We also know that this will look different for everyone. 

From considering adoption to choosing the adoptive family for your child, the adoption process comes with a range of feelings. They can vary from feelings of excitement and relief to feelings of sadness and confusion. These feelings are all valid and can require different kinds of support. Some that are often confused but relevant to discern are those of grief and depression. But what are the differences, and how can I know? Are there Oklahoma adoption agencies that can help me? How do I go about seeking emotional support in my adoption process? These are questions that Adoption Choices of Oklahoma wants to help you answer. 

How are Grief and Depression Different?

The emotions and feelings in your adoption process can be hard to determine effectively. Some feelings that might be especially hard to navigate are grief and depression. These can often seem quite similar. In reality, they have some considerable differences. But what are they, and how can I determine this? 

  • Grief – Grief in the context of adoption tends to focus on your child and the loss that comes with the adoption choice. Grief is also unpredictable. It can be something that changes and returns at different points in your life. Some might feel distracted from daily life and go through stages in their grief. This can include feelings such as anger or denial, but will look different for everyone. 
  • Depression – Though quite similar to grief, the feelings when experiencing depression tend to be more general. Depression does not focus on the adoption decision only and can be more consuming in one’s life. You might lose attention and interest in things you used to or isolate yourself from loved ones in a way that becomes detrimental. Experiencing depression can lead to more severe health issues and can require special attention. 

Both of these feelings can be hard to navigate and distinguish. Some birth mothers might not experience them at all. Some might experience them, but very differently from others. For some, grief can potentially lead to depression. Each feeling presents unique challenges, and we want to support you in navigating them. 

Understanding My Emotions in My Adoption Experience 

Facing an unplanned pregnancy comes with staggering challenges. Determining your feelings and emotional health at this time can be difficult. It might even feel easier to push them away. Confronting these feelings and emotions can be overwhelming, but it can also be very beneficial in the long run. Feelings of grief or depression might never go away, but there are ways to cope with them. Some birth mothers might experience these feelings differently or not at all. Your adoption experience and feelings are still valid, no matter what they look like. 

Support can be impactful in this potentially strenuous and confusing time. Addressing your feelings might unearth new difficulties, but understanding your emotions can lead to a better future. Support can appear in various ways. Having loved ones around you at this time can be very beneficial. At Adoption Choices of Oklahoma, we know how hard determining and navigating your feelings can be during this time. This is why we make professional counseling part of your adoption plan and process. 

Professional Help and Support in My Adoption Journey

Support can appear in various ways. For example, counting on loved ones can make a huge difference when navigating emotions at this time. But what if the right help and support you need is something more? What if my feelings are taking over my life and my health is affected? Depression can be too overwhelming to cope with and get quite serious. Medical professionals and licensed counselors can make a huge difference. But how do I know when professional help is necessary for me? 

It can be confusing to know where to start when seeking professional help. Adoption Choices of Oklahoma is a private adoption agency that can make this help happen for you. Throughout your adoption process, our team will provide professional counseling to you. We will continue to support you even after you have placed your baby for adoption. We know the emotional process of adoption can be uncertain. This is why we include resources and support to help you as part of your adoption plan.

Why is this Important for Me?

Navigating your emotions can be scary, and we want to help you in every way possible. At Adoption Choices of Oklahoma, we promote open conversations about emotions and feelings regarding your adoption decision. Everyone has a unique journey and will experience emotions differently. But it’s important to address and validate these as they can impact your life.

Your responses and emotions when choosing adoption for my baby don’t have to look a certain way. Whether you’re feeling grief or depression or are unsure about your feelings, we want to answer your questions. We provide resources and counseling that can make the hard parts of this journey easier and safer for you. Looking for help in giving baby up for adoption can come with uncertainty, and we want to answer any tough or specific questions. If you’re searching for adoption agencies in Oklahoma and have questions, we have a compassionate team of adoption professionals who can help. 

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