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When building a family through gestational surrogacy, your gestational carrier becomes part of your family. You are probably spending more time with your gestational carrier than you thought possible – whether on the phone or at doctor’s appointments. She has become so intertwined with your own family, and building that bond is simply amazing. That said, many future intended parents wish they could find a way to show their gratitude through a gift.

While there is no pressure or requirement to get your gestational carrier a gift, it is a sweet and heartfelt gesture for the woman who is helping build your family. If you are thinking about getting your gestational carrier a gift, Adoption Choices of Oklahoma has created a gestational carrier gift guide to help you.

Pamper Her

As women, we will take any chance or opportunity to get pampered. Let’s face it. Pregnancy is not easy on the body. Not to mention the daily stress that surrounds it. So, giving your gestational carrier the chance to kick up her feet, get her hair or nails done or partake in a prenatal massage is exactly what she may need to help her feel human again.

Sentimental Keepsake Gifts

While every journey and relationship through gestational surrogacy are one-of a-kind experiences. Giving something meaningful to your gestational carrier can remind her of the role she plays in your family and show her how grateful you are for everything she’s doing.

A great keepsake gestational carrier gift is this hand-painted figure. The sentiment of this gift is the meaning behind it – your friendship is truly golden. If you are one who takes a lot of pictures, you can also get an ultrasound photo and have the frame engraved with the baby’s name and an inspirational quote.


You can never go wrong with jewelry. Whether it is a simple necklace, bracelet or earring set – this can be a wonderful, symbolic and sentimental gift idea. You might look at a charm bracelet that means something to you and your gestational carrier. There is even a keychain that includes an engraving of the baby’s heartbeat from a sonogram.


While a gift like flowers can be easily overlooked for your gestational carrier, they are a simple way to show your gratitude. Orchids, for instance, are symbolic of fertility, love and thoughtfulness. A similar item to consider as well would be an Edible Arrangement. Not only are they pretty, but they are delicious, too.

Gestational Carrier Gift Guide

There is no wrong or right gift as long as it comes from your heart. At Adoption Choices of Oklahoma, we understand that the connection between you and your gestational carrier is unlike any other. It should be treasured. Through the good times and the bad, you both will create lifelong memories together, and you’ll never stop being grateful for how she helped you build your family. Especially in those tough times, remind yourself that everything in life is worth fighting for.

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About the Author

Ashley Johnson

Ashley Johnson is an Editorial Intern from Pendroy, Montana. She writes a weekly lifestyle  blog which includes adoption and surrogacy. Before starting at Adoption Choices, Inc., Ashley worked for six years as a legal clerk for a judge in Montana. She has decided to go back to college to finish her degree in Communications in hopes of pursuing her passion for writing. Ashley is excited  to share her experience with  adoption as well as being able to bring a rural outlook on adoption and surrogacy.

In her spare time, Ashley enjoys working on her family ranch with her husband and two children, coaching high school basketball and settling in.



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