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The Importance of Post-Birth Adoption Support: How Adoption Choices of Oklahoma Can Help

By Felix Miyago 

If you are a birth mother considering giving their baby up for adoptionAdoption Choices of Oklahoma is here to help you. We have many Tulsa adoption agencies equipped with staff who are experts in the adoption process. We’re here to help you through the adoption of your baby and connect with adoptive parents seeking to start a family. 

For birth mothers, there are many concerns and worries when considering adoption. Obtaining adoption information can be overwhelming for birth mothers. The most crucial component for birth mothers is the support group or adoption agency support. Birth mothers have the option to choose and explore different types of support provided by adoption agencies. 

Adoptive Birth Mother Support Group 

Birth mothers joining a support group offers the opportunity to connect with other birth mothers going through the same experience. In addition, birth mother support groups provide a safe space when navigating through pregnancy and uncertainty. Support groups offer former birth mothers to give insights and advice to new birth mothers. Furthermore, birth mother support groups can provide resources and information about what they’ve gone through. 

Support groups specifically for birth mothers, each have gone through the pregnancy process and offer empowerment towards others. 

Adoption Choices of Oklahoma Support

Adoption Choices of Oklahoma offers services for birth mothers in our Tulsa adoption agencies. Each adoption agency may provide different services depending on their location. The services are intended to guide adoptive families and birth mothers. Post-adoption services can include:

  • Preventive Services – Providing information and offering education to help families through the adoption transition. Preventive services can aid in navigating through the family and child’s situation and implementing effective parenting strategies for adoptive families. 
  • Supportive Services – These include referrals to support groups to assist in giving advice and offer insights from other adoptive families. Supportive services can help normalize and obtain any necessary resources for adoptive families. 
  • Therapeutic Services – For some adoptive families, clinical help is needed to address specific needs. Therapeutic services can aid in specialized treatments and recovery from traumatic events experienced by the child. 

Adoption Support 

There are ways to find support groups for adoptive families, whether through a friend, local organization, social worker, or Oklahoma City adoption agency. Before joining a support group, it’s important to do due diligence in researching more about the group or agency. For adoptive families, check if the support group is trustworthy and if the referral doesn’t charge fees. 

Support groups can be offered locally or online. Each support group may vary depending on the category. For example, a private adoption Oklahoma agency may require a process for paperwork or qualification to ensure the service is the best possible option for birth mothers or adoptive families.

Potential Challenges for Birth Mothers and Adoption Agency Support Services

The services and support groups for both the birth mother and adoption agency will differ depending on the circumstances. However, no matter what situation you’re coming from, there is no shame in seeking support. For adoptive families, it’s perfectly normal to ask for support, whether through an adoption agency or support group. 

Additionally, it’s important to understand that the information given by former birth mothers doesn’t constitute legal advice. Each birth mother has different circumstances, and the situation is case by case. The advice or insights shared may help you make an informed decision, but consult with an adoption attorney for putting a child up for adoption

Understanding the Differences of the Adoption Supports Systems

To summarize, there are some differences and key distinctions between birth mother support groups and adoption agency support services. 

Birth mother support groups – Connect with former birth mothers and share personal experiences, learn about different resources, understand the milestones, and provide a safe space to share and ask. 

Adoption agency support services – Provide resources in connection with the agency such as family counseling, licensed and reputable, and experienced in current adoption laws in-state and internationally.

Each adoption story is unique, but the experiences of others can help navigate the family dynamic. Both birth mother support groups and adoption agency support services are equally beneficial for the birth mother. The only factors are the birth mother’s situation and comfort with the service. For birth mothers, you are not alone. Adoption Choices of Oklahoma is here to offer support in navigating through the adoption process. We have staff equipped with current adoption information and are located in one of many Tulsa adoption agencies listed. 

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