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The Tough Decision of Adoption: Will I Regret the Choice of Giving My Baby for Adoption?

By Sarah Ford

Many obstacles and complexities can arise when choosing adoption. You might be wondering, “Why should I choose adoption for my baby, and how will I feel about my decision?” Many factors can be scary when considering adoption for your baby. One of these can include the feeling of regret in your adoption decision. Facing difficult emotions like this can be an overwhelming aspect of your Oklahoma adoption process, and you might have questions. 

At Adoption Choices of Oklahoma, we want to answer your concerns. You and your needs are a priority for us, and this includes questions about regret in the adoption decision. Do all birth mothers feel the same way about their choice? Will I regret choosing adoption for my baby? Am I supposed to regret my decision? These are all valid questions to have when facing an unplanned pregnancy, and we want to help.

Should I Feel Regret in My Adoption Decision? 

Adoption is a sensitive experience that will be unique to every birth mother. There are some commonly experienced emotions or concerns, including feelings of regret. You might be concerned about potentially regretting your decision. But you should know that you might not feel this, and that is ok. Some birth mothers experience this feeling, and some don’t. These emotions are complicated, and there is no one right way to feel about your adoption decision. Feeling regret is perfectly normal, and so is not feeling regret. 

Reasons for regret will vary, but some might wonder if they made the right decision for their child. Some might wish that they had an alternative outcome to their unplanned pregnancy. The kind of adoption chosen, including open, semi-open, and closed, might influence future regrets as well. Some birth mothers might realize that the direct relationship and contact that open adoption features is not right for them. The privacy and lesser contact that semi-open adoption offers might be too much or too little for someone’s needs. Other birth mothers might regret not having the opportunity to connect with their child in a closed adoption. 

The feelings of regret, like others, will be unique to you and your situation. You might be experiencing sadness and grief or joy and excitement, you might even experience both. You might experience regret in specific aspects of your adoption choice or the decision itself. Or, you might not at all. There is no universal way to feel about your adoption decision. This is a very personal experience, and your emotions are valid no matter what they might be.

Normalizing Your Emotions In Adoption 

The process of considering giving your baby up for adoption brings many challenges that can be complicated and strenuous. Some of these challenges can include difficult emotions like regret. Each birth mother has an individual circumstance and situation. Your reasons, process, and emotions in choosing adoption might differ from others, and that is ok! At Adoption Choices of Oklahoma, we ensure that your adoption plan will reflect your circumstances. But it can be hard to know how to navigate the range and complexities of emotions as a birth mother. What is normal for me to be feeling? What can I expect? 

Choosing adoption can come with a wide range of emotions and responses. These will be unique to each birth mother and her circumstances. Some feelings might seem more common than others, but the reality is that even the common ones are very complex. While adoption can be a very positive experience and decision, some hard and negative feelings may come along. You might feel both sadness and excitement in your decision, or neither of these at all. You might doubt if this decision is right for you and your child. It can be hard to navigate these complexities, but there are ways to gain support and care through every aspect. 

How Can I Cope With Feeling Regret About Choosing Adoption? 

Feeling regret in your adoption decision can be overwhelming. It’s easy to feel lost and conflicted, and you should know there are ways to work through these feelings. They can be all-consuming, and a healthy support system can be worthwhile. Support can be different for everyone, varying from leaning on loved ones to receiving the help of professionals. If you’re in Oklahoma looking to choose private adoption,  Adoption Choices of Oklahoma is an agency that can provide resources to help you cope with your decision.

Professional counseling can make a world of difference in your journey, and we make it available to you through every step of your adoption process. Feeling supported and having options can be vital to you and your journey. Feelings such as regret in your adoption process can be overwhelming to face alone. These emotions can be crippling, but you don’t have to face them alone. When searching “adoption agencies near me,” you might want professional guidance in your adoption journey. If so, Adoption Choices of Oklahoma has options for support you may need to cope with and work through your adoption process. 

How Can an Agency Like Adoption Choices of Oklahoma Help Me? 

A vital part of coping with difficult emotions in your adoption journey can be gaining support. An agency like Adoption Choices of Oklahoma can provide you with professional counseling and guidance. We encourage support of all kinds, but we also know that licensed counseling can give you confidence and security in the adoption journey. All your fears and concerns are valid and relevant, and there are ways to work through these in your adoption process

We want you to feel confident in your decision and your support system. The challenges in considering and choosing adoption can be worrisome, and a private agency can help you. Through the difficulties and challenges, we want to make the process of providing a loving home for your child as thoughtful and caring for you as possible. This includes the hard topics and conversations. You deserve support in every area of your adoption decision. If you’re choosing adoption in Oklahoma, Adoption Choices of Oklahoma is an option that will provide a compassionate and loving space for you. 

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