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Understanding the Stigma Surrounding Adoption in Oklahoma

By Erin McKenna

Putting a baby up for adoption can be a very challenging decision. Every situation is different, and choosing the adoption process for your child is often difficult. Adding to this difficulty is, unfortunately, the stigma that still surrounds adoption in Oklahoma. If you’re looking for adoption agencies that will support you through this decision and break down the taboo nature of the process, Adoption Choices of Oklahoma is here to make sure you make the best decision for you and your child— completely free of judgment. Here’s five common misconceptions leading to the persistent stigma surrounding adoption, and how adoption agencies near you are breaking them down.

Giving My Baby Up Means I’m Giving Up On My Baby

Many women think, “If I’m choosing adoption for my baby, then I’m giving up on my child”. Much of the language surrounding adoption seems to support this idea, with phrases like “giving a baby up for adoption” being some of the most searched phrases among birth mothers. However, this could not be further from reality. Choosing adoption for your child means that you are making a safe, responsible choice, for your baby’s future as well as your own. Adoption can be a very rewarding experience, and making an adoption plan ensures that you are setting yourself and your child up for success. Making this choice means you are stepping up, not giving up.

Choosing Adoption For My Baby Means I’m Losing a Relationship With My Child 

Often, birth mothers may fear that putting their baby up for adoption means they will never see their child again. While closed adoption plans exist, there are many forms of adoption that allow for a relationship between the child and their birth parents. Open and semi-open adoption plans allow for varying degrees of communication that you can decide upon.  Adoption Choices of Oklahoma will help you decide which plan is the best choice for your situation. You will not be co-parenting your child, but you can choose to be a part of their life. For many birth mothers, adoption is not the end of a relationship, just the start of a new kind.

After the Adoption Process, My Baby Will Be With A Stranger

One of the biggest challenges surrounding adoption can be the fear of the unknown. Handing your baby over to another family can feel like a major loss of control. That fear is a major reason adoption is still stigmatized. Fortunately, with Adoption Choices of Oklahoma, you can take an active role in choosing the family that will be responsible for your child. After choosing the level of openness you want to have, you can decide what kind of family you’re looking for. You and your caseworker can look through the profiles of potential families in order to find the best match. Everything from their pets to their values to what neighborhood they live in can be a part of your decision. The adoption process is a choice you make, not a decision that is made for you.

The Adoption Process Comes With an Unrealistic Financial Burden For Me         

Carrying a pregnancy to term in Oklahoma comes with a heavy financial cost, and mothers facing an unwanted pregnancy may be frightened by the price tag that can come with choosing adoption. Fortunately, through licensed adoption agencies in your area, such as Adoption Choices of Oklahoma, you have options for help covering expenses. Our adoption specialists will work with you to find a plan that supports you through your pregnancy. From rent to bills to food to clothing, we have resources available to help you as needed. Even if you decide to put your baby up for adoption after delivery, we can provide postpartum financial support. No matter your situation, you are not facing the adoption process alone.

I’m Embarrassed About My Unplanned Pregnancy

Many circumstances can lead to the choice to put a baby up for adoption. In the case of unplanned pregnancy, social pressure can feel overwhelming. Some unplanned pregnancies stem from sexual or domestic violence. Maybe you’re facing a challenging situation, like homelessness or addiction. Or, maybe, you just don’t feel ready to raise a child. No reason is “wrong” or “disgraceful”, and our adoption specialists will never shame you for your choice. If the state is involved, we can provide legal resources for you. You can fight for custody and ensure your baby is in good hands in the meantime. We will meet you wherever you’re at— and wherever you’re at is okay.

The Real Choices of Adoption

Placing your baby for adoption can feel like an overwhelming choice. The pressure to make the best choice for your child can feel impossible among societal taboos. Fortunately, there are adoption agencies in your area working to break the stigma of adoption. If you’re an expecting mother afraid of exploring adoption, choose Adoption Choices of Oklahoma for a safe, responsible adoption journey.

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