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Ways to Incorporate Adoption Into Your Holiday Traditions

By Nicole Hatton

Upon entering the holiday season, there may be a range of emotions that you are experiencing as a birth mother. While the holidays can be a time of both joy and sorrow, there are different ways to incorporate adoption. If you opt for an open or semi-open adoption, you can do different activities with the adoptive family. You can come together with the adoptive family to blend traditions, create new ones, and foster connections. Just because you place a child up for adoption does not mean that you have to lose the connection. Doing so can help you create a space to acknowledge your feelings and honor your choice of adoption. It’s important to balance your feelings of joy and gratitude with those of loss and longing. You can even incorporate new holiday traditions to create a space for reflection, connection, and understanding. No matter what your background is or if you had an unplanned pregnancy, anyone can incorporate adoption into the holidays. Keep reading to learn about some ideas and activities for holiday traditions that you can do with your family. 

Share Stories and Memories About Your Adopted Child

The adoption process may be different for everyone because every birth mother embarks on their own unique adoption journey. Perhaps you had an interesting process while looking at various adoption agencies in Oklahoma. Maybe it was overwhelming to learn to put a child up for adoption. Whatever your experience was with child adoption or even just the funny things your baby did, it will be fascinating to hear about. You can provide anecdotes or memories associated with specific traditions. Moreover, when sharing things with the adoptive family, it’s important to establish open communication and be comfortable with each other. If there is anything else that you would like to discuss, having open communication will make expressing desires and expectations easier. 

Joint Celebrations With the Adoptive Family

Joint celebrations can be a great way to create new memories and establish positive relations with the adoptive family. Coming together as one extended family can provide a sense of unity and support for your adopted child. During the holidays, you can craft or choose an ornament that represents both families. This can symbolize the love and connection shared between birth parents and adopted family members. Another artistic activity that you can do is to create a family collage or visual representation that combines both families. You can also do a gift exchange of meaningful presents that are significant to both parties. 

Recipe Exchange Between Birth Parents and the Adoptive Family

Many birth families may prepare special holiday meals or treats. Cooking or baking together is relaxing and enjoyable, especially with family. You could make ham, mashed potatoes, diced vegetables, and more. It could also be fun to bake cookies, brownies, or even a cake and decorate it afterward. Get sprinkles, frosting, and food coloring to make it more fun!

Cultural Elements From the Birth Family

If there are any special traditions from the birth family’s heritage, that would be a good activity to incorporate! There are many different things that make up a family’s culture. If your family is composed of multiple different cultures, you can incorporate different elements from each of them. Some ideas are to wear traditional clothing, decorate your home with festive decorations, play cultural music, and dance. If you speak a different language, you can teach family members basic greetings, phrases, and expressions. Some families have religious practices or cultural rituals such as lighting candles and observing unique ceremonies. 

Visit Significant Places From Adoption Background

If there are any places that hold special value to your family, it could be fun to visit them again. Showing the adoptive family these places provides an opportunity for shared experiences and memories. These places don’t have to be extravagant or require much money to travel there. They could even be simple places like a park or a local restaurant that your adopted child came from.

Video Calls or Virtual Participation With Adoptive Family

If physical distance is a challenge, you can still connect with each other through technology. Although you may be limited in the activities you can do over the phone, you can still have meaningful conversations. You can get to know each other or play simple talking games like Two Truths and a Lie. Staying connected with each other, even if it’s not in person, is still a great way to celebrate family bonds.

Other Fun Games and Activities For the Holiday Season

There are many other fun games and activities that you can do in general. You can play card games together, do charades, board games, or video games like Just Dance. There are numerous holiday movies that you can watch as well. To remember these memories, you can take fun family photos together or make videos. 

Other Adoption-Related Resources

If there is anything else that concerns you about adoption, we at Adoption Choices of Oklahoma are happy to help. Even if you are just considering or thinking about child adoption, we can pair you up with an adoption specialist. They will be able to provide you with advice and other adoption services. Whether you are looking at different adoption agencies in Oklahoma or feel stressed navigating an unplanned pregnancy, we’ll support you. We want to hear about your background and will be there for you every step of the way. Even if you have already gone through the adoption process, we can still support you. Everyone’s adoption journey is different. We hope that you can find empowerment and courage to feel confident in your decision and enjoy your holiday season!

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