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Welcome to the World of Adoption: A Guide For Oklahoma Birth Mothers

By Xihan Sun

You are not giving up your child by choosing to pursue an adoption. In contrast, choosing adoption is noble because you are helping provide a better environment, education opportunities, health care, etc. Unfortunately, for birth mothers experiencing unintended pregnancies, information about Oklahoma City adoption can be hard to find. Moreover, it can be even harder for birth mothers to find Tulsa adoption agenciesAdoption Choices of Oklahoma want to introduce the world of adoption to you, including information about adoption agencies in Oklahoma

An Introduction to Oklahoma Private Adoption 

There are both public adoption and private adoption. A private adoption refers to when prospective adoptive parents work with a private adoption agency to adopt a child. A prospective birth mother, on the other hand, voluntarily waives her parental rights for her child’s better opportunities. Your private adoption will revolve around an adoption plan created by you and your adoption agency. Your adoption plan will include details and information that will help you better survive your pregnancy. 

The Openness of Your Adoption Plan

Every adoption is unique, and birth mothers may want different things in their adoptions. Choosing the openness and level of contact is important because it will influence your and your child’s future. There are three types of openness in an adoption plan. You can choose one out of these three types based on your preference. 

There is closed adoption which refers to adoptive parents and birth mothers who maintain no contact. The identity of both parties will not be revealed. This option is great for birth mothers who want closures. 

You can choose semi-closed adoptions if you want to somewhat participate in your child’s future. This type of adoption happens when birth mothers receive adoption parents’ profiles with certain information. You will select whether you want to contact the adoptive family during your adoption process. Semi-closed adoption is more flexible because birth mothers receive more information about adoptive parents, so they make more informed decisions. 

There is also open adoption which means birth mothers and adoptive parents will both share their information and identities. You will work with the adoptive family closely through the adoption regarding the care and future of your child. Open adoption is a good choice if you want to be a part of your child’s development. You can even participate in future events and holidays with your child if you choose an open adoption.

Pros & Cons of Giving Your Baby Up For Adoption

Pro: Providing Your Child Better Life Opportunities

We understand that many birth mothers choose adoption because their current situation cannot provide ideal living environments for their children. Therefore, finding another family to offer better living environments for your child is obviously a better choice. 

Pro: You Will Receive Financial Support For Your Adoption

It is an overwhelming process to deal with pregnancy. There will be various troubles during your adoption process. Adoption Choices of Oklahoma will provide necessary financial support to help birth mothers better go through pregnancy. You will discuss further details with your adoption counselor. 

Pro: Your Feelings and Concerns Will be Heard

It is normal for birth mothers to experience grief during pregnancy. Keeping your feelings to yourself can be harmful to your mental health. We want you to be loved and cared for because you made a brave decision. We have professional adoption counselors here to help you to maintain positive mental health. You can set up meetings with your counselor to reflect on your emotions.

Con: Physical Pressure Through Pregnancy

One of the biggest Cons of pursuing adoption is the fact that birth mothers have to survive pregnancies. It goes without saying that pregnancy is a difficult process. There will be multiple kinds of discomfort throughout your pregnancy. Always remember that you can reach out for help. We will connect you with the best medical care available, and we will make sure you are in good hands.

Con: Post-Adoption Grief is Real

Grief is an inevitable part of adoption. You will experience complex feelings through different stages of your adoption. It is easy to second-guess your choice, and you may even panic along this journey. Adoption Choices of Oklahoma is here to assist you with your emotions. There are therapy sessions and support groups available for you to attend. 

Con: You May Feel Ashamed For Your Choice

There are birth mothers who feel ashamed to return to their normal life after adoption. They feel like the decision to go with adoption represents abandonment. You should always know that this is never true! Your adoption creates another happy family, and you are courageous for making it through. We want you to proceed with your life because you deserve the best in your life.

It is Always Possible to Choose Oklahoma City Adoption

Giving a baby up for adoption is a fantastic option for Oklahoma birth mothers. The adoptive family will give your child the life that you want for him/her. There are many adoption agencies in Oklahoma, and you should work with one that can really help you. Adoption Choices of Oklahoma is a great choice to go with your adoption, and we will treat you with love and respect. We understand that dealing with pregnancy can be tiring, so we want to offer our help and support to Oklahoma birth mothers like you.

Adoption Choices of Oklahoma is a private adoption agency licensed by the state of Oklahoma and a leader in the adoption community. We have been assisting birth parents, children, and adoptive families in Oklahoma for over 19 years. Our staff members are committed to providing an ethical, empowering, and personalized adoption experience to all involved in the adoption process.  If you are currently in the process of adopting a baby and have any questions or concerns, feel free to contact us.

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