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What are Adoptive Families Afraid of Through Adoption?

By Hannah Bayly

As a birth mother, there are lots of things you consider throughout the adoption process. You are likely feeling a wide range of emotions regarding adoption. Just as you are experiencing emotions surrounding your upcoming adoption, so do the adoptive families. There are some common fears and emotions that adoptive families experience. You may wonder how these emotions and concerns affect the adoptive family you choose to raise your baby. Understanding their perspective and emotions can help you to see how their reactions are normal. It can also help you see how your Oklahoma adoption can still be positive despite the emotions and concerns.

If you are facing an unplanned pregnancy and looking for a Tulsa adoption center, Adoption Choices of Oklahoma can help. We are a local, licensed, private adoption agency with the resources to help you build your personal adoption plan. We can provide counseling, financial support, a safe place to stay, and more. Above all, we will help you through your adoption journey and find your child the best adoptive family for them.

Concerns You May Have as a Birth Mother

As a birth mother, there are likely many factors you are considering when selecting an adoptive family. While reviewing the different families who are waiting to adopt, you may wonder about their ability to provide a loving home. You may be concerned that the adoptive family’s emotions or concerns could affect the environment of the home. You don’t have to feel guilty about your concerns. It’s perfectly normal to have these worries. 

Choosing adoption is a loving, caring decision. You are a caring parent who is trying to make the best decisions for your baby. This includes choosing a family to raise your child. It’s normal and natural to have concerns and worries about the families you are reviewing. When working with Adoption Choices of Oklahoma, we will work to find the perfect match for you and your baby.

Common Emotions and Fears that Adoptive Families Experience

There are some common emotions and fears that adoptive families go through during the adoption journey. The adoptive family might worry that they will not have a positive or productive relationship with the birth parent(s). Another common fear is that the child will not see them as their “real” parents. Lastly, one other common fear is that Thankfully, these worries can be remedied. One way to calm these worries is for the birth parent(s) and adoptive family to get to know each other. This can happen via open adoption, if possible. Open adoption is a way for trust and familiarity to be built.

Resources for Adoptive Families

Prior to the adoption, each waiting family must complete a home study. This home study validates that the adoptive family is ready to provide a safe, loving home for a child. It also prepares a waiting family for an adoption. If an area of difficulty is identified, it provides an opportunity for learning and growth. The home study process is thorough and professional. This means it can be a source of comfort for the birth mother and the waiting family.

Even after the adoption is complete, Adoption Choices of Oklahoma is still there for the adoptive family. Post-placement support is something that is required for any adoption in Oklahoma. This means that there will be at least three check-ins after the adoption is finalized. This can be a comfort to birth mothers, as they know that the adoptive family is continuing to receive support and supervision. This is also a comfort to the family, as they can receive reassurance and support during a time of transition.

Benefits and Positive Impact of Adoption

The adoption process can be complex and emotional for everyone involved. This might concern you and make you question if you’ll have a positive experience. Although adoption can be an emotional time, this does not mean that you can’t have a positive experience. As a birth mother, you have the power to make the experience positive for everyone. Utilizing the resources available to you at Adoption Choices of Oklahoma will empower you. If you are confident in your decisions, you are more likely to have a positive experience. In turn, your child and their adoptive family will have a positive experience, too. 

If it’s right for you, choosing open adoption can enhance your positive adoption experience. Open adoption is not the perfect option for everyone, and that’s okay. Open adoption allows a relationship between the adoptive family and your child. If you decide that open adoption is right for you, it can build trust, appreciation, and comfort. This relationship can provide you comfort and relieve your worries.

A positive adoption experience will also benefit your baby. The biggest benefit is when the birth mother and adoptive family work together in the best interest of the child. This provides your child with a support system to learn and grow. The adoptive family can also experience a greater sense of satisfaction. Working with the birth mother to provide the best childhood is greatly satisfying and fulfilling.

Working with Adoption Choices of Oklahoma

If you have any remaining questions or worries, you can reach out to us at any time. At Adoption Choices of Oklahoma, we believe that knowledge is the greatest tool for birth mothers. Having the knowledge and resources to make confident decisions is important. Asking questions leads to having the information to make the best decisions for you and your baby. We can address your concerns and provide you with accurate information about adoptive families.

If you are searching for “open adoption agencies near me,” we are the adoption center for you. We have locations across Oklahoma so that you can access resources wherever you’re located. If you have questions about giving your baby up for adoption, we can answer them. Our adoption professionals are compassionate and kind. With us, you never have to worry about being judged for your decisions. Reach out today to receive the support you need and begin your adoption journey.

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