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What Are the Intended Parents Screening Requirements?

In the surrogacy process, there are a lot of requirements that both the intended parents and the surrogate mother will have to fulfill before commencing with the surrogacy process. For example, to ensure the child’s safety that will be born at the end of the process, the surrogate mother must be healthy and prepared to carry a child. On the flip side, the intended parents must raise a child in their home once their child is born. As the surrogate mother, you may be wondering what requirements the intended parents will have to fulfill on their end of the surrogacy process. At Adoption and Surrogacy Choices of Oklahoma, we have qualifications for intended parents to fulfill to make sure that you, as the surrogate mother, will be in partnership with a quality couple and to protect the future of the child, you will give birth to. Here is the list of intended parents’ requirements to move forward with the surrogacy process. 

Background Check and Psychological Evaluation for Intended Parents

The intended parents will be required to undergo a background check and psychological evaluation to ensure that they are prepared to raise a child. Any criminal activity in their past will disqualify them from continuing the surrogacy process. This is seen as a possible threat to the safety of the surrogate mother and the future child. Additionally, intended parents must be mentally healthy to ensure that they will have the capacity to care for a child and give their child the care they need. If the intended parents pass the background check and psychological evaluations, they will be permitted to continue with the OK surrogacy process. 

Financial Security and Stable Living Environment

The intended parents will be required to prove that they are financially stable before continuing with the surrogacy process. Raising a child takes effort and requires a monetary commitment. If the intended parents are unable to support their child as they grow up, they will not be permitted to go through the surrogacy process. Additionally, they will need to provide adequate compensation for you, the surrogate mother, throughout the process. Surrogacy can be costly but is worth it for couples who can pay the bills. Additionally, intended parents must demonstrate that their living environment will be safe and stable for their child. Any hazards in their home will disqualify them from continuing the surrogacy process. 

Respectful Attitude Towards the Surrogate Mother

It is essential that the intended parents are respectful and express gratitude towards you, the surrogate mother, throughout the process. You are making a huge sacrifice, and your time commitment and discomfort will change the lives of the intended parents in the long run. Thus, the intended parents must show their support and respect towards you as you journey through the surrogacy process. 

Have the Support of Their Partner Throughout the Surrogacy Process

No intended parents can move forward with the Oklahoma surrogacy process if one member of the partnership is unwilling to go through with it. If there is a lack of support, the intended parents will not be able to have a child through surrogacy. This is not a common problem for many couples since most couples who approach Adoption and Surrogacy Choices of Oklahoma are both eager to continue with the surrogacy process. However, if one of the intended parents does not support surrogacy, they will not continue.

Understand Surrogacy and Complete Paperwork

Intended parents must understand the type of surrogacy that Adoption and Surrogacy Choices of Oklahoma endorses, which is gestational surrogacy. Additionally, they must complete all of their paperwork in a timely manner to keep the process moving forward. If they fail to submit their paperwork and don’t understand how to approach the surrogacy process, they will not be able to continue. 

Beginning the OK Surrogacy Process

As the surrogate mother, you need to understand the qualifications that the intended parents must fulfill during the surrogacy process. If you find that the couple you are working with has failed to complete these requirements, you need to notify the agency, and we will figure out how to deal with the situation. If you have additional questions about surrogacy, please contact Adoption and Surrogacy Choices of Oklahoma

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