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What Are the Legal Requirements For Surrogate Mothers in Oklahoma?

If you’re interested in gestational surrogacy, you may be wondering if you can become a gestational carrier, otherwise known as a surrogate mother or birth mother. This can be an emotional time when you decide the next steps, so it’s important to have all the information you need to know your choices. If you’re wondering whether or not you qualify to go through the surrogacy process, then look no further! Adoption and Surrogacy Choices of Oklahoma has compiled the necessary information and resources you may need to know what your choices are and whether or not you qualify to become a surrogate mother.

The surrogacy process is emotionally, physically, and legally complex. Therefore, it’s important to know the basics of surrogacy and what it is, but just as important is to know the legal aspect of it as well. If you know the legal basics, you will have a better sense of your rights, the requirements you have to fulfill and be more confident during the process. 

What Are the Legal Prerequisites to Become a Surrogate?

Before you encounter the rest of the surrogacy process, especially the legal aspects, you must fulfill all the requirements needed. There are requirements you must meet to become a surrogate mother. This is done to ensure your safety throughout the pregnancy and the child you carry. You may be feeling overwhelmed with how strict these requirements may be, but they are important for the well-being of yourself and the baby.

There are a variety of health, personal, parenting, financial, and lifestyle requirements needed as well. However, here are the legal prerequisites that Adoption and Surrogacy Choices of Oklahoma requires: 

  • Must be a U.S citizen and be currently residing in the United States 
  • Can pass a background check 
  • Does not have a criminal record 
  • Must be between the ages of 21 to 39

Other prerequisites include:

  • Must have had at least one healthy and uncomplicated pregnancy. This means you are actively parenting one child at home that is not on Medicaid, food stamps, or TANF
  • You do not suffer from any mental health issues and are not taking any related medication
  • You are not currently on public assistance and will be able to travel as needed to various appointments related to your surrogacy 
  • You are not alcohol or drug dependent 
  • You gave a stable lifestyle and support system, and if you’re married or partnered, you have your partner’s support 
  • You can pass a physical background check and are free of sexually-transmitted diseases 

What Are the Legal Basics of Gestational Surrogacy? 

It’s important to know that when you become a surrogate mother, you will need a team of experts for support, especially when it comes to OK surrogacy and surrogacy law. It’s normal to feel overwhelmed, but don’t worry because Adoption and Surrogacy Choices of Oklahoma can help you with any questions and concerns you may have, as well as provide necessary resources. Speak to your legal adviser or surrogacy specialist to learn more about the legal requirements of the OK surrogacy process.

Is Surrogacy Legal?

The first thing to know is that Oklahoma is a surrogacy-friendly state, meaning that Oklahoma courts are familiar with the surrogacy process. When you choose to become a surrogate in Oklahoma, it is recommended that you find a reputable surrogacy agency that can help provide you with an experienced attorney to help you navigate the legal aspects of the surrogacy process. Because it is legal in Oklahoma, that also means you can be fairly and adequately compensated when you are a surrogate mother

What Are the Laws for Surrogate Compensation?

Although it is legal for surrogate mothers to be paid, there are no specific laws regarding what base pay should be for surrogate mothers. That is why having a surrogacy agency like Adoption and Surrogacy Choices of Oklahoma can be a helpful resource in making sure your surrogacy contract discusses this. 

What Are Surrogacy Contracts?

Surrogacy contracts are legally binding contracts between you and the intended parents you are matched with. This is done to ensure safety for everyone involved. This is done before the IVF process. Your attorney and the intended parent’s attorney will negotiate this contract and help everyone understand their respective financial and social requirements. It also includes everyone’s needs, wants, expectations, and obligations. This is where compensation is addressed and the responsibilities you may have as a surrogate mother. 

How Can Adoption and Surrogacy Choices of Oklahoma Help You With Legal Matters?

When you work with our surrogacy agency, you can expect to be physically, emotionally, and legally taken care of. It can be overwhelming and nerve-wracking to think something can be overlooked or handled incorrectly when it comes to the legal aspects of your surrogacy process. However, our highly-trained professionals will help you find a quality attorney that can take care of all these matters correctly for you. 

Adoption and Surrogacy Choices of Oklahoma is a surrogacy and adoption agency, licensed by the state of Oklahoma and a leader in the community. We assist both intended parents and gestational carriers (surrogates). Our staff members are committed to providing an ethical, empowering, and personalized experience to all involved in the surrogacy process.
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