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What Birth Mothers Need to Know About LGTBQ+ Adoption

By Noah Abrams

As a birth mother, placing your baby up for adoption can be equally courageous and stressful this is a courageous decision. Experiencing an unplanned pregnancy can cause a mix of emotions that can be difficult to handle. The thought of choosing your child’s adoptive family may only add to your stress. And if the adoptive family is a part of the LGBTQ+ community, you may be even more apprehensive. Despite this, you should know that LGBTQ+ adoptive families are more than capable of parenting your child. 

At Adoption Choices of Oklahoma, we have strict protocols that ensure adoptive families are fit to raise your child. Our adoption agencies in Oklahoma conduct vet adoptive families before working with them.. This is because connecting your child with a loving and safe family is our number one priority. Let us look at the key benefits of LGBTQ+ adoptions, address fears and concerns, and discuss our specific vetting procedures. 

Benefits of LGBTQ+ Adoptions

Contrary to what some may believe, giving a baby up for adoption to an LGBTQ+ family can have great benefits. Some of these advantages may include:

  • Providing a loving home. Any potential adoptive families we work with are more than capable of providing a loving environment for your child.
  • Giving a potential parent or parents the chance to have a child. Some LGBTQ+ individuals may not want or be able to conceive naturally. Adoption offers them the chance to be fulfilled through the journey of parenthood.
  • Your child’s perspective. Though your child may receive judgment, they may also grow up with an enhanced perspective. This open, diverse perspective may help them to accept others and their differences.
  • Breaking sterotypes. Choosing to place your child with an LGBTQ+ family may positively contribute to the elimination of stigmas and stereotypes. You may be encouraging equality and acceptance in society through your actions, which can be personally fulfilling. 


There are many more benefits that can come with choosing an LGBTQ+ family to adopt your child. If you are seeking adoption in Oklahoma, remember that sexual orientation does not determine which adoptive parents are qualified. Being able to provide a loving, caring, and stable environment where your child can flourish does.

Birth Mother Apprehensions Regarding LGBTQ+ Adoptions

As a birth mother, the most important thing is providing a loving and healthy environment for your child. With LGBTQ+ adoptions, you may question whether same-sex couples can provide these things. Some common fears regarding LGBTQ+ adoptions include:

  • Outside judgment. Progress has been made regarding acceptance of the LGBTQ+ community, but there are still people who don’t. Some do not view members of the LGBTQ+ community as having the same rights as those that are heterosexual. You may fear that this judgment will affect your child and their upbringing. 
  • Internalized bias. Even if you support the LGBTQ+ community and their rights, you may have certain biases or believe certain stereotypes. This may cause uncertainty about the well-being of your child with an LGBTQ+ adoptive family. 
  • Gender roles.  Birth mothers may have concerns about their child not having parental figures of both genders. This may be even more true with same-sex couples. This is usually caused by traditional perspectives regarding gender roles and child growth.
  • Lack of understanding. Fear can also stem from a lack of understanding or exposure to LGBTQ+ families. Not knowing can lead to hesitation because of the unknown.

Though you may feel these concerns, know that growing up with a diverse family may better your child. It can allow your child to accept being different and stand up for others who are considered different as well.

Vetting Procedures for All Potential Adoptive Families

All of the potential adoptive families we work with must adhere to our specific vetting procedures. This includes our adoption specialists conducting home studies to ensure the safety and stability of an adoptive family’s home. The potential adoptive family will undergo thorough criminal background checks and be required to submit legal documentation. These documents usually include  marriage and birth certificates. We also keep track of things like monthly bills to ensure they can support your child financially. Lastly, our adoption specialists conduct in-person visits and interviews before finalizing the home study.

If you doubt LGBTQ+ families can raise your child, know that all our adoptive families are fit to be parents. With that said, keep in mind that this choice— like all other important adoption decisions— is up to you. We will never pressure you into doing something you do not want or force our opinions on you. We are here to support you through your adoption journey and help place your child in an ideal environment.

Contact Adoption Choices of Oklahoma for More Information on LGBTQ+ Adoptions

If you need unplanned pregnancy help and are considering adoption, contact us today! We understand that you may be apprehensive about the adoption process, especially when choosing adoptive parents who are LGBTQ+. Though you may have fears, our LGBTQ+ families are vetted to meet specific standards, just like any other family. We want your child to have the best life, which is possible with any of our potential adoptive families. 

Moreover, we work with birth parents and adoptive families alike, regardless of sexual orientation. Giving a baby up for adoption can be mentally and emotionally draining, and you should not deal with it alone. Contact Adoption Choices of Oklahoma if you have any questions regarding LGBTQ+ adoption or adoption in general.

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