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What Does “Giving Up a Baby for Adoption” Really Mean in Oklahoma?

By Alexis Diamond

Those considering giving a baby up for adoption at birth might not understand entirely what that means. The phrase in itself calls for multiple interpretations, and comes with many misconceptions, most of which question the birth mother’s love for her child and her intentions. Stigmas have grown around adoption that stem from these misunderstandings, severely affecting the birth mother. However, despite the existence of these misunderstandings, one thing is certain at Adoption Choices of Oklahoma: “Giving up a baby for adoption is not giving up.” If you are considering adoption for my baby, keep reading as we clarify these misconceptions and lay out your options for adoption in Oklahoma.

Where Does the Phrase “Giving Up a Baby for Adoption” Originate?

What is important to clarify before continuing, is that adoption is not shameful, unlike what preexisting misconceptions would like you to believe. The words “giving up” hold a very negative stigma that insinuates that those who give their baby away at birth are irresponsible and/or do not care about the child. Those who decide on adoption are not anywhere near “giving up” as the term implies, but rather, the birth mother is making a thoughtful decision for the benefit of herself as well as her child. It’s important to consider why adoption is often a choice for birth mothers. Adoption can be necessary for a few reasons, these including:

  • The Comfortability of the Home Environment
  • Whether the Birth Parents are Financially Stable
  • Inevitable Future Plans Which Could Interfere with Childcare
  • Accessibility to Child Care/Support
  • What is Wanted For the Child’s Future
  • Whether or Not the Birth Father is Involved

The reasons for adoption can vary from this list, but these are some of the more common reasonings behind the decision. The adoption process in itself is stressful for the birth mother, and these negative stigmas can make the ordeal much more difficult than it already is. However, though these might exist, it is best not to let these dissuade you from moving forward with adoption. If you are considering formulating an adoption plan, continue reading as we list the choices you’ll have and answer any questions.

Options for Those Considering Adoption in Oklahoma

The options existing for mothers facing an unplanned pregnancy according to Adoption Choices of Oklahoma include abortion and adoption. Those considering placing your baby for adoption might be questioning whether I can give my baby away at birth. The answer is yes you can, and you can determine what kind of adoption situation will work best for you. These include:

  • Open Adoption
  • Semi-Open Adoption
  • Closed Adoption

The first two options, open and semi-open adoption, allow for visitation and involvement with the adoptive family and child in ways decided upon between the birth mother and adoptive family. The third option, however, being closed adoption, removes visitation and involvement between the birth mother and adoptive family and child. This is also decided upon between the birth mother and adoptive family but exists as a means to maintain healthy bonds between the birth mother and her child.

Understanding What it Means to Give Up a Baby for Adoption and Your Options in Oklahoma

It’s important to remember that though these misconceptions exist, they should not dissuade you from continuing with your adoption plan. To reiterate, a birth mother deciding that adoption is the future for the child is not giving up, but rather responsibly making a choice that could potentially benefit both the birth mother, the child, and the adoptive family. It is understandable to be stressed as you proceed with the adoption process, and that is where Adoption Choices of Oklahoma comes to help.

For those considering last-minute adoption for my baby or putting my baby up for adoption, there are many adoption agencies in Oklahoma to consider as you move forward. We can inform you of all the options possible for you as you move forward, as well as help you find the perfect adoptive family. Along with this, we can assist through every step and aid in the creation of an adoption plan along with other aiding materials, including medical and financial assistance, safe places to sleep, and emotional support, which can marginally ease your stress. Contact us at your earliest convenience if you are wondering what to do if you have an unplanned pregnancy, and we can help you discover what options lie ahead in your adoption journey.

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