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What if I Don’t Feel Guilty about Choosing Adoption?

By Nicholas Rodinos

Many birth mothers don’t feel guilty after placing their children for adoption, and it’s normal to feel this way. This is normal, unplanned pregnancy is stressful and the adoption process provides relief and loving homes for children. It’s still important to discuss these feelings and what to do if they are replaced with negative feelings. Adoption Choices of Oklahoma can help you discuss your feelings of happiness after the adoption in a non-judgmental way. 

Not Feeling Guilty About Adoption Is Fine

It’s fine to feel joy after placing your baby for adoption, it can mean you’re coping with the adoption. The Oklahoma adoption process can be stressful, but you might feel better once it’s over. Pregnancy is an emotionally difficult time, feeling joy that you can go back to your regular life is normal. Contact one of our Oklahoma adoption agencies if you start feeling post-adoption guilt so we can properly address it.

Reasons Birth Mothers Choose Adoption

  • Lack Of Financial Resources. Raising a child is incredibly expensive and many birth mothers don’t have the financial resources to care for children. It’s unfair to force birth mothers to raise babies when they cannot provide for them. Seeking adoption for your baby is a form of love as you’re giving them the resources they need. Finding an adoptive family that can provide for your child is a huge relief for many birth mothers.
  • Not Ready For Children. Plenty of birth mothers find themselves seeking out the adoption process because they are not prepared to raise children. Some birth mothers are in college, trying to complete their education, and raising a child would interfere with that. Searching for adoption in Oklahoma is great for finding qualified parents who are ready to raise your child. Raising a child is not for everyone, and it’s important both your and your baby’s needs are met. 

Adoption Isn’t Something to Feel Guilty About

You trusted our Oklahoma adoption agencies and their reliable screening process to find qualified adoptive parents for your baby. Providing adoptive parents the chance to have a child of their own, is nothing to feel ashamed of. These adoptive parents you’ve chosen have learned how to raise a child so they can be confident and happy. Choosing adoption for your baby provided a child for a couple that couldn’t have their own.

Adoption Plans and the Relief They Can Bring You

Your adoption plan can allow you to learn about your child and even meet them again. Adoption plans dictate how much contact you have with your child and the amount of privacy you receive. Every adoption plan provides its own form of relief and joy for every type of birth mother. Your Oklahoma adoption plan can provide you with varying kinds of joy to match your needs.

Open Adoption. Open adoption has you swap contact information with the adoptive parents and agree to when you receive post-adoption updates. These plans give you the most information about your child’s physical and mental well-being and their interests and hobbies. It can provide you with relief to know about your child’s welfare and the wonderful life you gave them. This adoption plan provides the joy of learning about your child and the possibility of getting to meet them.

Semi-Open Adoption. Semi-open adoption allows you privacy while still providing you with information about the safety and happiness of your child. This form of adoption has you send messages without identifiers while still receiving updates about your child’s well-being. This adoption plan gives you both privacy and information about your child, letting you find your own closure. This type of adoption gives you the catharsis of knowing about your child and having your privacy.

Closed Adoption. Closed adoption plans: have you surrendered contact with the adoptive parents after giving your baby up for adoption. These plans can provide powerful relief for birth mothers who feel seeing their children will bring them misery. Closed adoption provides birth mothers with privacy so they can move forward with their lives and find closure. It can be cathartic to go back to your life before you were pregnant.

Post-Adoption Counseling Can Still Be Important

While you’re not currently feeling guilty about placing your baby for adoption it’s still important to get post-adoption counseling. Your local adoption center provides you with healthy and effective coping strategies just in case you start having regrets. Counseling may have you meet with other birth mothers and learn how they came to terms with the adoption. Post-adoption counseling is a great way to build confidence in your decision and understanding of the necessity of adoption.

Your Experience Can Help Other Birth Mothers with Adoption

If you are interested, you can join a birth mother support group to provide birth mothers with adoption information. You can help birth mothers by providing them with information on how to place babies for adoption in Oklahoma. Your confidence in your decision can inspire them and help them move forward with placing their children for adoption. Your experience with adoption can provide joy for other birth mothers during the adoption process.

If you are a birth mother trying to create an adoption plan, please contact Adoption Choices of Oklahoma. We are a licensed adoption agency in Oklahoma that has been serving our state for over 25 years. We can answer any of your questions related to unplanned pregnancy or last-minute adoption for your baby.

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