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What is a Closed Adoption, and is this the Best Option for Myself and My Baby? 

When researching for adoption information, you might be confused as to the differing terms that are used by agencies and professionals. When deciding on the kind of adoption that works best for you and your baby, you will want to know their specific differences. A closed adoption means that you have complete anonymity in the adoption process.

As the birth parent, you will no longer have ties to your baby as they will now start a new life with their adoptive family. The adoption process contains many variables, and you want to ensure that you choose the best option for yourself and your baby. It is important to note that while there are advantages to closed adoptions, they are not as common today. This option has gradually been replaced by other alternatives that benefit the relationship of all parties involved.  

 The Advantages of a Closed Adoption for My Baby 

The process of a closed adoption can be beneficial depending on your situation and your expectations for your unplanned pregnancy. Closed adoptions provide you with anonymity. This can offer you a sense of finality and closure as this is a clean break for all parties involved. During this time, you might be feeling a wide range of emotions and wondering what your best course of action may be.

You may be feeling intense feelings of guilt and wondering what is best for your baby. A closed adoption may alleviate these feelings and provide you with a sense of relief and comfort knowing that your baby could have better opportunities in the future. However, this is not always the case. 

 “Giving my baby up for adoption”: The Disadvantages of the Closed Adoption Process  

You’ve probably heard the phrase “giving my baby up for adoption.” This phrase likely originated from the belief that once you choose adoption for your baby, you will never see them again. This leads people to think that closed adoptions are the only path forward. It is important to note that a closed adoption does contain its share of disadvantages. These disadvantages can impact the future of both you and your baby, so it is essential to know this information before making any decision.

Due to the nature of a closed adoption and the effects it entails, the individuality of your baby may be affected. This means that your child might have issues forming their identity because of their lack of knowledge regarding their birth parents. Not knowing your personal history can be a challenge for individuals as they are in the developmental stages of their youth. We might end up wondering where we come from and what our place in the world might be. A continuing relationship with our birth parents can provide us with the assistance we need in these developmental stages.  

Deciding on the Best Path and Adoption for my Baby: What is an Open Adoption, and how is it Different from a Closed Adoption? 

As human beings, a sense of identity is essential to our development. Whereas a closed adoption eliminates the knowledge of a baby’s origin, an open adoption provides us with that information. An open adoption means that the birth parents are involved in the adoption process and have a continuing line of contact with their baby. As your child continues to grow, they will continue to have a connection with you while maintaining a relationship with their adoptive family.

You will continue to have a relationship with your baby, whether that be through letters, phone calls, or even scheduled meetings with them. You won’t have to live your life wondering where they are or who their adoptive parents are. This can also give you feelings of relief and even the closure that a closed adoption might not always provide. Knowing that your baby is safe with a family that can provide for them can serve as the closure you are searching for.  

The Next Step: Finding an Adoption Agencies Near You 

You’re probably wondering what your next course of action will be. Now that you know the necessary information and the differences between closed and open adoptions, you will want to look for an adoption agency that will answer any further questions you may have in your adoption journey. Adoption Choices of Oklahoma offers a wide variety of resources designed to help you with your personal adoption process. Not only will this agency help you with your adoption process, but your adoption plan as well. Having an adoption plan that you know will work for you and your baby is essential. This can ensure that your baby finds the right adoptive family that will fit their specific developmental needs.

This agency also provides you with a path where your baby will have the love and care a child yearns for. The decline of closed adoptions shows a rising trend in birth parents wanting to maintain a relationship with their children. A child that knows about their personal history can have beneficial effects on their personal identity as they continue to grow and develop. With agencies like Adoption Choices of Oklahoma, you will receive the help necessary to maintain a relationship with your baby and their adoptive parents throughout their development. 

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