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What is an Adoption Disruption, and why is it Important to Me as a Birth Mother?  

By Julian Burgos 

In your adoption research and seeking information on the adoption process, you may have stumbled upon the term “adoption disruption.” Adoption Choices of Oklahoma is here to provide you with insight into what exactly an adoption disruption is and how it happens. By knowing the factors that go into an adoption disruption, we hope that you will have informed decision-making in your own adoption journey.  

What exactly is an adoption disruption? An adoption disruption is defined as an adoption that is terminated before it is finalizedThere are many factors that go into the termination of an adoption. Every birth mother’s adoption journey and situation is different. However, our agency wants to shed more light on this subject to ensure you are informed before finalizing a decision.   

 What Factors into an Adoption Disruption? 

There are many factors that go into birth or adoptive parents deciding on terminating the adoption. These factors can be financial, preparation for parenthood, or external factors that sway the decision to end the adoption. 

  • Some adoptive parents may realize that they are not financially prepared to be parents. Raising a child can come with its own set of challenges, and one of those is having the money to raise them. Children can be very expensive, and not everyone is financially stable enough to support a child.  
  • Adoptive parents can come to the decision that they are not ready for parenthood. Some couples might realize early or later in the adoption process that they want to wait to be parents later in their lives. This means that the birth mother will have to find other suitable parents for their baby. 
  • Birth mothers might feel that they will regret the decision to adopt entirely and decide to end their adoption plan
  • An external factor could have influenced the decision of the adoptive parents to terminate the adoption. They could have had a death in the family, lost their job, or had their own unplanned pregnancy

We all know that life contains its fair share of uncertainties and challenges. Sometimes, these challenges force us to make decisions such as not going forward with an adoption. Whatever your circumstances are, it’s important to know how adoption disruption impacts the emotional state of birth mothers who experience it.  

 A Personal Anecdote from One of Our Birth Mothers 

Adoption Choices of Oklahoma has helped many birth mothers who all had unique situations. We have experience with cases of adoption disruption, and we help many birth mothers find an alternative when an adoption is terminated. One of our birth mothers was in the process of formulating her own adoption plan and had adoptive parents ready to adopt. She was nearing the late stages of her pregnancy when the adoptive parents had an unexpected family emergency and were no longer able to adopt her baby. Our agency professionals quickly stepped in and made the arrangements to set her up with another adoptive family who was ready to adopt. Adoption agencies in Colorado have many families who are eager to adopt a child in need, and our agency has the resources to make these arrangements. 

Why Informed Decision-Making Matters 

Ensuring that you know the right adoption information means that you will have informed decision-making. Knowing the factors that go into adoption disruption and all adoptions will allow you to take everything into account before deciding on a specific path. Many birth mothers make decisions without knowing exactly what giving a baby up for adoption means. You might be asking yourself, “Is an adoption for my baby the right decision?” Your adoption research is an important step in deciding if adoption is right for you. The information you learn will give you the tools you need as you venture further in your adoption process

Resources to Help You from a Reputable Agency 

Our private adoption Oklahoma offices have adoption professionals and resources to handle any kind of adoption situation. We at Oklahoma City adoption offices, Tulsa adoption agencies, and many other offices are ready to welcome you and give you the help you need. Our specialists will respect your wishes and provide you with an adoption plan that is specific to your needs. Your adoption will have the option of being closed, semi-open, or open (which means the level of contact you’ll have with your child). Our resources also include housing options if you need a place to stay during your pregnancy. During your pregnancy we also provide you with the proper health care to ensure your and your baby’s safetyand even counseling options.  

Adoption disruptions are a factor that can come into play for some birth mothers. However, our agency is prepared to ensure your baby has a home with open and loving arms. Putting a child up for adoption is something you can trust our agency to do the right way. For more adoption information, please visit the website for Adoption Choices of Oklahoma and schedule a meeting with an adoption expert.

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