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What Is Surrogacy Like In Oklahoma?

The surrogacy journey differs from person to person. The challenges and easy moments may be different for each surrogate. Surrogacy also differs depending on the state you are a surrogate in. It’s important to know the details about what surrogacy is like in your state to ensure that your Oklahoma surrogacy goes as smoothly a possible! Thankfully, Adoption & Surrogacy Choices of Oklahoma has created a guide of important information about surrogacy in Oklahoma

Who is a surrogate in OK?

A surrogate, also known as a gestational carrier. This is typically a woman who can safely carry a pregnancy that the intended parent might not be able to carry out. There are also other details regarding the gestational carrier that are important to know. For example, the gestational carrier does not provide the egg for the pregnancy. This means she is not biologically related to the child. Another detail to be aware of is that the fertilization process includes Invitro fertilization (IVF). This is the primary method for a surrogate mother to become pregnant successfully.

What is gestational surrogacy?

Gestational surrogacy is a type of surrogacy where the surrogate mother is not the biological mother of the child being born. This is important because this is a great way to clearly define the role of the intended parents and yourself— the surrogate. This ensures that it’s known that as the surrogate, your part in the process is to carry out the pregnancy and give birth to the child, who will legally be recognized as the child of the intended parents. The intended parents are also involved in the Oklahoma surrogacy process with you, mainly as supporters and planners.

Is surrogacy legal in Oklahoma?

When it comes to surrogacy, one of two types of surrogacies is legal in Oklahoma. Gestational surrogacy is legal, whereas traditional surrogacy is not. Remember, gestational surrogacy means the child is not related to the gestational carrier. So, with traditional surrogacy, the child is related to the surrogate. However, traditional surrogacy is not legal in Oklahoma and is banned in many states. Traditional surrogacy poses many legal complications that gestational surrogacy avoids. So, if you are looking into becoming a surrogate in OK, the route you can legally take is gestational surrogacy.

Can anyone become a gestational surrogate in OK?

Unfortunately, not everyone who wants to be a circuit will be able to. There’s a very selective process and a set of requirements that an individual must meet to be considered for surrogacy. There are personal and medical criteria that must be met. If you’re wondering what these requirements might be, here’s a list of some of the requirements. The criteria include but is not limited to: 

  • Surrogates must be between 21 and 39 years old
  • Surrogates must be US citizens
  • Surrogates must pass a background check
  • Surrogates must be parenting at least one child
  • Surrogates must not rely currently on public assistance
  • Surrogates must have had at least one successful pregnancy
  • Typically, surrogates must have a BMI no higher than 30
  • Surrogates must be free and healthy of any sexually transmitted diseases
  • Surrogates must not smoke or take illegal drugs
  • Surrogates must not be alcohol dependent

There’s also a medical screening process to ensure that your physical health state coincides with your medical history. This will give medical experts an indication as to whether or not you will be able to successfully carry a pregnancy.

Time To Take Action— Start Your Surrogacy Journey

After reading, if you feel like surrogacy is a good fit for you, contact Adoption & Surrogacy Choices of Oklahoma today! Our team is equipped and ready to help you along your surrogacy journey, from applying to the agency to answering questions, even up until after your surrogacy journey ends. It’s never too late to choose surrogacy and help create a forever family.

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