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What is the Medical Process for Becoming a Surrogate?

You are considering surrogacy, and that is awesome. Surrogacy is a beautiful gift. You are giving an individual or couple the chance to grow their family who otherwise could not have this opportunity. You’re superhuman. Truly. Becoming a surrogate is quite literally rescuing the dream that someone has to build a family. The only thing that you are missing is a red cape and the ability to fly!

You may be thinking there aren’t any surrogacy agencies in Oklahoma, but we are happy to inform you that we are right around the corner. Here at Adoption and Surrogacy Choices of Oklahoma, we are excited to join you on the path to making family hopes into reality for intended parents today. 

Surrogate Definition

We want to answer your questions thoughtfully and thoroughly so that you have peace of mind. You might be confused by the term surrogate and wonder, “What is the surrogate definition?” and “What’s it like becoming a surrogate in Oklahoma?” A surrogate is a birth mother that carries an unrelated child to full-term for an individual or couple who cannot fulfill the pregnancy on their own. In traditional surrogacy, the egg would belong to the surrogate, but that practice is illegal internationally. Today, gestational surrogacy is the legal process of carrying an embryo that is not biologically related to the birth mother. You won’t be related to the child. 

The sperm or egg of an intended parent and donor create the embryo in a lab. Then, the embryo gets transferred to the surrogate’s uterus through IVF (in vitro fertilization). Once the embryo transfer is complete, we wait for implantation, and the pregnancy begins. 

Becoming a Surrogate

As a surrogate mother, you undergo medical care to facilitate a safe and healthy birth. Before the embryo transfer, you get tested for health, sexually transmitted diseases, drugs, mental health illness, and undergo a background check. Birth control and/or hormone medication assure proper estrogen and progestogen levels, facilitating the embryo’s implantation. There are several medical treatments you receive during your OK surrogacy journey:

  • Blood tests
  • Injections
  • Hormone treatment
  • Prenatal supplements, vitamins, and minerals
  • Routine doctors visits

Before implantation, you take prenatal vitamins for optimal health. To prepare your body for the implantation, the OB gives you hormonal medication or birth control containing estrogen and progesterone to regulate your cycle…this prepares the body for implantation. Before undergoing the process, you get matched with intended parents who align with your vision. For example, if your mission is to help members of the LGBTQ+ community grow their families, we pair you with an LGBTQ+ couple or individual.  

Apply to Be a Surrogate Mother

Here at Adoption and Surrogacy Choices of Oklahoma, we support you through this thoughtful journey and make it as seamless and comfortable as possible for you, the baby, and the intended parents. We walk you through the requirements for screening and make sure that you are the right fit. There is no pressure, only support. Giving birth is not an easy task. Our surrogate qualification is:

  • United States citizen living in the USA 
  • Between the ages 21-39
  • No tattoos, blood transfusions, or piercings within one year
  • Never been on medication for mental health issues
  • Body Mass Index must be between 18-31
  • No illegal drug use or unprescribed medications
  • Cannot be taking medication that harms pregnancy
  • Must be a non-smoker in a non-smoking home for at least 12 months before the application
  • Must have at least one healthy pregnancy with no complications
  • With certain exceptions, must be an active parent to a minimum of 1 child
  • non-alcohol dependent
  • No mental health issues
  • Must be healthy with no sexually-transmitted diseases
  • Cannot be receiving any form of public assistance (e.g., Medicaid and food stamps)
  • Must submit to a background check 
  • No history of postpartum depression after giving birth
  • Must undergo a psychological evaluation

The guidelines may seem strict, but they are used to assure that you, the baby, and intended parents have the safest experience possible. 

Oklahoma Surrogacy

Surrogacy is a second chance at having a family for an individual or couple who otherwise could not have a biological family. In a perfect world, becoming a biological parent would be simple for everyone. But that is not how things are. Many people face barriers when trying to create a family to love. You get that, and you have committed to doing something about it. 

You are making a miracle happen. Kudos to you. Becoming a surrogate mother is brave. 

There is a lot of work that goes into creating life. As a previous birth mother, you have been there. The joy of knowing that you are expecting, feeling energy forming inside of you, and that feeling of connectedness that you simply can’t describe is fulfilling. Because you got to have that experience, want to give back to others in this space so they can experience it too. Let us help you make family possible. Contact us at Adoption and Surrogacy Choices of Oklahoma 24/7, and a member of our licensed surrogacy agency will stand with you and help you start your gestational surrogacy journey.

Adoption and Surrogacy Choices of Oklahoma is a surrogacy and adoption agency, licensed by the state of Oklahoma and a leader in the community. We assist both intended parents and gestational carriers (surrogates). Our staff members are committed to providing an ethical, empowering, and personalized experience to all involved in the surrogacy process.
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