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What is the Role of the Birth Father in Adoption in Oklahoma?

By Hannah Bayly

If you are a birth mother considering adoption in Oklahoma, you might be wondering how this will impact the birth father. It’s important to remember that your baby has two parents. Adoption can be an emotional decision for both the birth mother and the birth father. Understanding the role that each birth parent plays in the adoption process can give you clarity and perspective. Once you understand the birth father’s role in adoption, it can help the decision-making process move forward.

If you are searching for unplanned pregnancy help, Adoption Choices of Oklahoma is here for you. As a private, licensed, local adoption center, we can offer you a wide variety of resources. From financial support to counseling, we can walk you through the adoption journey. When you have questions, we have experts to provide you with the answers. 

Birth Father Rights

Knowing what rights the birth father has during the adoption process is important. Throughout the adoption process, the birth father should respect your rights. In return, his rights should be respected, as well. A birth father may agree to the decision to choose adoption, or he may be against it. He can also decide how involved he will be in the adoption process. If the birth father does not wish to participate in the adoption process, he may waive his parental rights. If he wishes to go through the adoption process with you, he will retain his parental rights until the adoption is complete. If he wishes to participate in the adoption process, he will have a role in choosing the adoptive family. He will also play a part in deciding what kind of adoption is best for the baby. This includes an open, closed, or semi-open adoption.

One of the first steps in moving forward is establishing paternity. In most cases, the birth father must also provide consent for the adoption to move forward. If you see this as potentially being a difficulty, it’s crucial to reach out to an Oklahoma adoption agency. Many adoption agencies in Oklahoma can provide you with legal support, counseling services, and more to work through this. We can act as a moderator or avenue of communicating your wishes. We can also provide you with legal advice/counsel. If possible, have an open and honest conversation with the birth father. Establishing this type of communication can help you to work through this tough decision. If it’s possible for you and the birth father to work together, it creates an environment of respect and transparency.

It’s possible that you do not know the identity of the birth father. Or, it may be impossible for you or the adoption agency to contact him. If the birth father’s identity is known, an attempt must be made to notify him. However, contact is not always possible. In these situations, the adoption process will continue to move forward without his input.

Addressing Issues and Facing Difficulties with the Birth Father

Adoption is a complicated, emotional process. As with any aspect of life, issues and difficulties can arise. One complication that can happen is the birth father being against adoption. When this happens, the birth father is contesting the adoption. There are a few reasons why this may be occurring. The birth father might not fully understand what the modern adoption process looks like. He might have his own set of concerns, questions, or doubts. Addressing his concerns or worries might resolve this issue. 

If the birth father is contesting the adoption because he wants to parent the child, there are two routes that can be taken. You can first try to persuade the birth father to choose adoption. Providing resources and information, and explaining the adoption plan might help in this situation. If that is not possible, then you will need to seek legal support. Adoption Choices of Oklahoma can provide the legal support you will need. You will need legal support to  terminate the birth father’s parental rights. This will need to occur in order for the adoption to proceed, if he does not agree. This can be complicated and stressful, but our goal will be to help you through the necessary legal proceedings.

The Importance of Resources During Adoption

There are many different situations that can occur between birth parents. No two birth parents are the same, and every adoption is unique. However, Adoption Choices of Oklahoma believes it’s important to provide you with resources. Maybe you and the birth father are married and both agree on adoption. Perhaps you are unmarried, but still agree on adoption. Or, you might be unaware of the birth father’s current location. In every scenario, taking advantage of the resources available to you is important. Getting the right financial or legal support, having a counselor available, or learning important information will only make your adoption journey go more smoothly.

If you find yourself searching for terms such as, “giving baby up for adoption,” or “place baby up for adoption,” contact us today. Our helpful staff of experts will walk you through each step of the adoption process. With us, you will find the support and compassion you need during your adoption journey.

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