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Why Choose Adoption? Reasons A Birth Mother Should Choose Adoption

By Rockebah Charles-Stewart 

Not planning on having children? Or maybe you’re just not ready to have little feet prancing around your home? Maybe you’re not financially stable enough to maintain a child yet? Whatever your reason, life can become overwhelming when you face an unplanned pregnancy. When this happens, consider adoption as an option with a Tulsa adoption agency. It is important to remember that you are not alone. You do not need to decide whether to put your child up for adoption without information. Adoption Choices of Oklahoma is here to help you.

We Can Help Find the Right Adoptive Parents for the Child

There is no need to hurry. You can take your time and look into adoption agencies in Oklahoma. We want you to know exactly what you’re getting into with this decision. When you are ready, our private adoption agency will talk you through the adoption process. If you choose adoption, we’ll help you find a family and support you throughout the proceedings. We can offer emotional support and financial help if you are eligible. We will make sure you’re aware of all the legal, health, and mental information related to adoption.

Birth Mothers Should Consider:

  • Financial stability: Can you afford to parent a child?
  • Child care: Do you have a support system in place to help with childcare while you’re at work or school?
  • Birth father involvement: Will the birth father acknowledge, parent, or support you?
  • Home environment: Do you have a safe and comfortable home for you and your child?
  • Your future plans: Would an unplanned pregnancy get in the way of your career or education goals?
  • What you want for your child’s future: Can you give your child the life they deserve?

Reasons for Choosing Adoption

  • Kids are not for you at the moment
  • You want your baby to live their best life.
  • It is outside your financial means to care for a child

How Adoption Positively Affects Birth Mothers

  • Adoption gives you peace of mind. You get to ask questions, talk about your concerns, and pick the family who will adopt your child.
  • Oklahoma City Adoption allows you to continue your education or career goals. If you’re in college or working on your career and can’t support a child, adoption lets you keep focusing on your goals.
  • Adoption reduces your stress. When you’re a parent, you have to handle your emotions, body, mind, and money. If you’re not ready or can’t fully provide for your child, you can choose a family who can.

How Open Adoption Helps Birth Mothers and Adoptees

Different types of adoption have their own pros and cons. With open adoption, the birth mother and adoptive parents can remain in contact. If the birth mom hasn’t had the baby yet, the adoptive parents might get invited to help with getting ready for labor and birth. Then, you are free to stay in touch after the adoption is finalized. This is ideal for birth parents who can’t look after the child but still want them in their lives. It’s also perfect for children who want to have a relationship with their birth family later in their lives.

Level of Contact in an Open Adoption

Different families have differing levels of contact. Some people prefer to send emails or letters with pictures as a way of staying in touch. Other families treat the birth mother like one of their own and invite her to big events and parties. 

We leave the birth mother and adoptive parents to choose the version they are most comfortable with.

You’ve Chosen Adoption, Now What?

Nobody can tell you why adoption might be the best choice for you and your kid. It’s up to you. Our goal at Adoption Choices of Oklahoma is to give you all the information you need so you can think about your pregnancy options. If you’re considering adoption, we know it is a tough decision. However, it may be the best option for you and your child.

If you’re open to adoption, Adoption Choices of Oklahoma would love to talk to you. We’re here to help you with your adoption plan.


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