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Will I Regret Giving Up My Baby for Adoption?

By Ryan Yau

If you are a birth mother facing an unplanned pregnancy, choosing what to do with the baby is a big decision. You may be concerned that you will regret placing your baby for adoption. However, adoption does not have to be difficult. Adoption Choices of Oklahoma will make sure your adoption process will go as smoothly as possible. Knowing all the details of the adoption process will help you make the best decision for you and your baby.

Dealing with Misconceptions About Adoption

There are many misconceptions that may be keeping you from choosing adoption. Adoption Choices of Oklahoma is here to guide you through the entire process and help you make the most informed decision. We can also provide you with all the resources necessary throughout the adoption process.

Should you choose adoption, Adoption Choices of Oklahoma will provide you with the services of an adoption specialist. They are trained to help you throughout the process and formulate a strong adoption plan. This plan will cover all your medical and financial needs for adoption, as well as additional services like counseling. We are here to support you throughout the entire process.

Additionally, we want to answer some concerns you may have about the adoption process.

Is it Selfish to Place My Child for Adoption?

You may be familiar with some negative misconceptions about adoption. Some people may believe that a woman placing her child for adoption is selfish. However, this misconception is based on untrue (and unfair) assumptions. Some people are not in the right situation to raise a child, and some may simply not want to.

You may be currently unable or unwilling to take care of a child, and that’s okay. Recognizing that you may not be able to prioritize taking care of a child is an ultimately selfless deed. Furthermore, you give people who may not be able to have their own children a chance to become a parent. Placing your child for adoption is not a selfish act but one that serves the greater good.

Will I Lose Contact with My Child if I Place Them for Adoption?

You may be concerned that placing your child for adoption means you will not be able to visit them. However, with adoption agencies in Oklahoma, you have the option to choose an open adoption. This will allow you to keep in touch with your child as they are being raised by their adoptive parents. In an open adoption, the birth parents exchange contact information with the adoptive parents. You will be able to visit your child’s family and even potentially act as a role model in their life.

Of course, open adoption is only one of many different types of adoption. For example, you can choose a semi-open adoption if you only want to receive updates on your child’s well-being. Or, if you want more anonymity, you can choose a closed adoption. Choosing what adoption you want is highly personal, but Adoption Choices of Oklahoma can help you come to an informed decision.

Will I Feel Guilty if I Place My Child for Adoption?

Some women experience birth mother grief after placing their children for adoption. This is similar to the grief experienced from loss, even if your child will not be physically gone. Carrying a child through pregnancy creates a unique bond between mother and child, and separating can lead to grief. One solution is choosing open adoption, as knowing that you can still see your child alleviates grief for some.

While this is a natural reaction to loss, it can also be tough to face. Thankfully, there are many resources that you can take advantage of to not go through it alone. Counseling is a good resource that can be provided with your adoption plan. You can also seek the help of birth mother support groups, which include many mothers who have faced similar feelings.

Adoption Agencies in Oklahoma can Make the Process of Adoption Easy

One final misconception you may have heard is that adoption is a difficult process. However, that does not need to be the case. Adoption Choices of Oklahoma is dedicated to making sure your experience with adoption goes as well as possible. By formulating an adoption plan early, you can ensure that all your needs are met by the adoption.

This should answer some concerns you may have had about the adoption process if you are a woman considering adoption and still have questions about the adoption process.

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