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Working with a Same-sex Couple: The Gestational Surrogate Experience

You’re a selfless individual making a life-changing decision: you want to help someone else start a family! The world is blessed to have a person like you. You know that you are healthy enough to allow others to experience the joy of having a biological child, but there is one problem: you don’t know where to start with making their dream into a reality. You might be the friend or family member of a same-sex couple who faced an inability to carry a pregnancy to full term. You could be learning about the barriers that many same-sex couples face when trying to start a family and help bridge that gap to bring them joy. There are not many like you who are willing to make this sacrifice. We want to ensure you have all of the answers you need to move forward. We understand that this will come with some struggles, but we will be here every step of the way. No matter the barrier, we are here to help. Wanting to have a biological child is valid. You get that. Wanting to have safety, assurance, and support through your journey of surrogacy is a right. Here at Adoption and Surrogacy Choices of Oklahoma, we can help you through the process as a gestational surrogate in Oklahoma.

Surrogacy Agencies

You may be thinking, “How can I become a  surrogate mother in Oklahoma?” or “Will I have to travel abroad?” The answer is no. We can help you set up a process locally that will allow you to find the intended parents who match your profile. You’re thinking, “Is it safe?” Although all pregnancies present some sort of risk, we will check you with your preferred doctor, get you access to prenatal care, create a birthing plan, and make sure that you receive financial compensation throughout the process. We will also support you through the healing process after birth. 

With traditional surrogacy, the surrogate is the biological mother who provided her egg. For this reason, traditional surrogacy is illegal. Rest in knowing that as a gestational surrogate, you and the baby are not biologically related. The embryo placed inside of you was grown in a medial lab by combining another egg and sperm. 

You may grow attached to the baby you are birthing, and this is normal. Your feelings are valid. We have dedicated counselors to aid you during this time. You are creating a miracle to bring so many lives more joy. Loving the life you help create is ok.

The process of placing an embryo for implantation is called IVF (in vitro fertilization), and you will have no biological relation to the baby. After signing the proper paperwork, you acknowledge the baby’s legal guardians are the intended parents. The intended parents may visit and encourage you throughout your pregnancy and form a relationship if you would like. 

The months leading to implantation will require hormone treatment to control ovulation, increase estrogen, and reduce progesterone. The embryo will then be placed inside the uterus in hopes that it will implant. The process will feel like a regular pap smear. You will be monitored, looked after, and supported even beyond birth.

Surrogacy in Oklahoma

Choosing to become a surrogate makes you a wonderful human, and we want you to know that so many are grateful. To qualify as a gestational surrogate, we will monitor and screen your background. 75% of placements implant on the first try. In the process of becoming a surrogate, gestational mothers must undergo a thorough background check. Some of the qualifications you must meet are:

  • Must be between the ages of 21 – 39
  • Must be a USA citizen and living in the USA
  • No history of mental illness or mental illness medications
  • Cannot be using food stamps or on welfare
  • Must have a BMI (Body Mass Index) of 18-31
  • Cannot be a smoker or live in the home of a smoker
  • No piercing, tattoos, or blood transfusions within the past year
  • Has to have successfully birthed at least one healthy child with no complications
  • No drug use history
  • Must undergo a background check
  • Must be actively raising at least one child
  • No postpartum depression in the past
  • No STDs (Sexually Transmitted Diseases)

We know that you may be concerned with the baby’s wellbeing after birth. Be of good cheer. They will be going into safe hands. As an intended parent, the same-sex couple does not have to be married for up to one year from birth, and their sex doesn’t matter. Some qualifiers the intended parents must meet:

  • Stable income and housing stability
  • In-home visits from a social worker
  • Submit to psychological evaluation and background check
  • Friends or family that will provide a network of help (if you are single and seeking surrogacy)
  • Must submit to a background criminal check
  • Have to respect the surrogate, their home, and their time

 The same rules apply to the intended parents for qualification as would any other demographic.

Surrogate compensation

You want to make a same-sex couple’s dream of parenthood a reality, and we can help you provide the miracle of surrogacy in Oklahoma. Pregnancies can experience unpredicted complications, and every pregnancy is different. We will prepare you for this. Ask as many questions as you want. The more informed you are, the smoother this process will be. The process can be long and expensive–more expensive than traditional adoption, but every cent is worth it. As a gestational surrogate, you will receive $40k in compensation. Your medical needs are covered. If choosing to be an altruistic volunteer surrogate, the intended parents will pay for your medical services.

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Whatever your reason for choosing to become a gestational surrogate, you are brave. To become a surrogate is one of the most selfless acts a woman can do with their body. The joy of parenthood should be something we all can partake in, regardless of current or future barriers. You understand this. You want to make sure that same-sex couples do not have to settle for traditional surrogacy that can be tricky when the birth mother has formed a bond with the unborn child. You can have a strong relationship with the intended parents if you desire. You may specifically want to carry children for couples and individuals that are LGBTQ+ and matched with someone who holds your core beliefs and values. We know values are essential to OK surrogacy and will give you options on this journey. Contact us at Adoption and Surrogacy Choices of Oklahoma and allow our licensed staff to assist you in the process of creating miracle families. 

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